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Z000.M was a Series 800 Terminatrix activated in a Skynet facility in response to an incursion by the Resistance cell led by Colonel Mary Randall into a fully functional Skynet network complex six months after John Connor destroyed the Master Control central node. Upon maturation, this unit was immediately deployed via TDE to reinforce C890.L in countering the human offensive. Z000.M's Infiltration outersheath model appeared as a large, muscular Caucasian female with long brown hair.


Within this facility was an operational Time Displacement Chamber, greater in scope than the prototype discovered by John Connor. Originally slated for a 30-strong last-ditch time travel mission by the remains of Skynet to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat and secure the dominion of Skynet over the timeline, human intervention caused the only three Infiltrator units to be activated and deployed early.

Due to the damage inflicted by the late Lieutenant Koufaks, the TDE was locked to a single set of target time coordinates. As a result of the difference between this and the prior activation of the TDE a time-space slippage resulted in Z000.M arriving in the past at the exact moment C890.L and its squad appeared in Los Angeles, but unfortunately 354 miles off the California coast. The Terminator: Secondary Objectives issue 1 This made its way for 21 days across the ocean floor, The Terminator: Secondary Objectives issue 2 Z000.M joined up with the surviving C890.L in their joint mission to protect the genesis of Skynet and to terminate Sarah Connor, only to meet the C890.L reprogrammed by Dudley. The Terminator: Secondary Objectives issue 4

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Mission: Secondary Objectives[]

  • Infiltration protocol: Locate and protect Cyberdyne Systems Project Leader for Project Bellerephon Dr. Bertram Hollister from all threats. Assist in his work in any way possible to ensure the creation of Skynet.

Secondary Objective: Locate and Terminate Sarah Connor.

Error: Temporal lock confirmed, Geographic lock displaced. 354 miles from California coastline.

Operational area entered, locate clothing for initial infiltration.

Clothing secured, Base of Operation Secured, contact C890.L for mission update.

Resistance operatives survived, I825.M subverted, C890.L Infiltration sheath 100% compromised, switching to Secondary Objective. Initiating subprogram Offense as Defense. Cease communications with compromised unit and assume Primary Objective. Assigned as rearguard to C890.L offensive. Travel to Los Angeles to reacquire Primary Objective.

Primary objective located, initiate Infiltration protocol.
  • Primary threat Dr. Ed Astin acquired: Combat Mode engaged
  • Damage sustained: small arms fire from witness
  • Mission nominally Successful: threats repelled.

Transport obtained, Initiating rearguard action. C890.L unresponsive. Primary Threats suspected at large. Travel to Mexico City and determine status of C890.L and primary threats

  • Reached last location of C890.L: gather information and determine status of C890.L and threats to mission objectives. Infiltration Mode engaged
  • Damage Sustained C890.L engaged combat mode against this unit. Unresponsive. Subverted by humans. Assessment: terminate. Combat Mode engaged.
  • Damage sustained: Broken gas lines ignited from spark after C890.L engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Z000.M
  • Error stress threshold exceeded, System Shutd...*
  • Mission Failed: Unit rendered inoperable by subverted C890.L.



Z000.M: "Z000.M reporting to C890.L. Transport obtained. Initiating rearguard action." "C890.L respond." "C890.L respond."