The West Highland Police Station was a precinct of the Los Angeles Police Department.


In 1984, the West Highland Police Station was the source of the investigation into the murders committed by the "Phone Book Killer"[1], and its connection to, and the search for, Sarah Connor. This precinct is where Kyle Reese was interrogated by Peter Silberman and Sarah Connor learned of the murders of Matt Buchanan and Ginger Ventura. The Terminator rampaged through this station, killing seventeen police officers while looking for Sarah Connor, who managed to escape with Kyle Reese. Following this, the rampage would then prompt the biggest manhunt in South California history, with five counties on high alert to corner and arrest the unidentified Terminator. The Terminator

Surveillance footage captured clear images of the Terminator that would later be used in 1995 to inform Sarah Connor that he had resurfaced in a mall. The events lead the police to hunt for the second Terminator in a priority manner believing he was the killer back then. Terminator 2: Judgment Day


At least thirty[2] police officers were assigned to this precinct, seventeen[3] of whom died during the Terminator’s rampage.



  1. Ed Traxler sarcastically remarks that this is the nickname that the press will give the killer.
  2. Ed Traxler informs Sarah Connor that there are "thirty cops in this building."
  3. An unidentified detective mentions that Terminator "killed seventeen police officers that night."
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