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Wendy Dorset was a student at MIT and an expert in computer technology, and a member of Snog's gang.


In an alternate 2002, she and the other gang members were cautiously approached by John Connor to join the Resistance, as, alongside trying to prevent Skynet from being built by Cyberdyne Systems. After successfully convincing them of the truth, John entrusted them a Terminator CPU to study. At this time, John and Wendy had a long correspondence, and a relationship began to develop between the two.

By simple coincidence, Wendy became involved with the militant Luddites plan to murder Ron Labane. Wendy was made the killers' "mark" — to take the blame for Labane's murder. Upon being lured to the scene of the crime, the killers set up Wendy for the murder and departed. With no way to prove her innocence, and with the police looking for her, Wendy, now a wanted fugitive accused of killing Labane, and with the gang's assistance, fled to Paraguay and joined John, Sarah Connor and retired CIA agent Dieter von Rossbach's activities full-time. At this time, John and Wendy's relationship became romantic.

Wendy devised a plan to ensure Judgment Day would never come— recognising the U.S. government would continue to re-build Skynet no matter how many times it was destroyed by the Resistance, instead devised two distinct computer programs to accomplish the destruction of Skynet's ability to become sentient. The first program was an AI code that searched through and isolated all possible programming required to create sentience, and then the second program, which would destroy all access to them, thus permanently limiting the artificial intelligence.

Along with John and Dieter, she infiltrated the U.S Government installation in Antarctica which was being used as a Cyberdyne outpost, and uploaded her program. She was soon attacked by the I-950 Clea Bennet and incapacitated. Wendy could only watch as John, mistaking Wendy's attempts to communicate, uploaded the first program again, bringing Skynet to life. As she was trying to warn John of this, Clea broke Wendy's neck, killing her instantly. Her body was reluctantly left at the base, and sent back to her parents.

Wendy had a lasting impact after her death. To the general public, Wendy was posthumously found guilty of killing Ron Labane, and so was remembered as the "rabid fan" who murdered him. To the Resistance, however; the gruesomeness of her demise, combined with other evidence, convinced Tricker to join the Resistance. Sarah, upon learning of Wendy's death, felt deep regret over not trusting and being too hard on Wendy, which, in the end, was because of jealousy of her place in her son's heart. None more so than John himself suffered greatest; Wendy's death was the death of John's innocence, and when he later realized Skynet was accidently brought to life by himself and Wendy's death was in vain, it then finally allowed him to grieve. John never truly recovered from losing Wendy, even during the War against the Machines. After Ninel Petrikoff's death, John resigned himself to his loneliness and accepted her could never have a relationship. T2: Rising Storm


  • She was involved in a romantic relationship with John Connor.