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The "Water Delivery Guy" was a Series 888 Infiltrator sent to terminate Catherine Weaver and, presumably, her daughter Savannah Weaver. He also likely had affiliation with the present time Kaliba Group, who were working with/under control of Skynet.


The T-888, under the guise of a water delivery man, approached the gates of the Weaver Estate and terminated the two guards. He then drove up to the entrance and rang the bell, attracting the attention of Debbie, the nanny whom he promptly shot in the head mid-greeting. The machine entered the residence and began systematically searching the building for the Weavers, finding an active phone on the coffee table in the lounge. "Adam Raised a Cain"

Using the phone, the T-888 tracked Savannah to the garage where she was being guarded by John Connor. The T-888 opened fire on them but was attacked from behind by Sarah Connor and disarmed by Cameron. The T-888 proved to be a stronger opponent, however, and momentarily disabled Cameron by throwing her into the far wall before gathering his gun and resuming his pursuit of the Connors and Savannah. "Adam Raised a Cain"

Whilst moving through the house, the T-888 turned a corner and encountered Derek Reese, shooting him in the head before he could react. He then stepped out onto the balcony and spotted his target, but was once again distracted by Sarah, allowing Cameron to attack him from behind and throw him off the balcony and down the hillside. "Adam Raised a Cain"

The T-888 recovered from his fall and followed the investigating police officers to a movie theatre, arriving in time to watch them arrest Sarah. Unable to re-acquire Savannah, the T-888 returned to its safe house to conduct repairs on its flesh covering before visiting a local gun dealer for silencers. The owner refused to sell him the items due to legal reasons, but gave him the address for a contact who would in exchange for cash. "Born to Run"

With his guns outfitted with suppressors, the T-888 stormed the gates of Zeira Corporation literally and killed the questioning security guard. He was then confronted by his primary target, Catherine Weaver, who chided him for destroying her gate. After confirming her identity, the T-888 shot Weaver several times in the chest, not knowing she was in fact a Series 1001 Terminator unit. Before he could react or change tactics, the T-1001 impaled him with one of its blades and used another to cut into a nearby power conduit, using her body to channel the electricity into him. The voltage forced him offline, allowing Weaver to extract his CPU. Though the chip self-destructed upon removal, she gave it to John Henry so he could try to pull information from it. "Born to Run"


Successful Terminations[]

  • Two security guards at Weavers' house
She was shot in the head at close range.
He was shot in the head at close range.
  • A security guard at ZeiraCorp
After questioning the T-888 over crashing through a gate, he was shot in the chest multiple times.

Attempted Terminations[]

The T-888's primary objective was to acquire Savannah Weaver, either to capture or terminate her.
Failure 1: She was directed to a safe hiding place by John Henry.
Failure 2: She was rescued by the Connors and Cameron.
His primary objective was to terminate Catherine Weaver.
Failure: He shot her several times, but as a liquid metal Terminator it had no effect. She then proceeded to terminate him with ease.


  • Like "Rosie", this T-888's CPU is treated with a phosphorous compound that ignites once exposed to oxygen, destroying the chip and preventing it from being reprogrammed by the Resistance, which could suggest he came from the same future as Rosie, whose version of Skynet learnt that coating the chips would prevent them from being read.
  • This unit appears to be more tactical than previous T-888s seen in the show, yet has more mechanical movements at times. Unlike others of its kind, including the deadly Cromartie, this unit is seen moving within a combat zone whilst maintaining a combat-ready posture, as opposed to keeping his weapon arm lax against his hip. Because of this simple readiness in stance, the T-888 was able to successfully terminate Resistance veteran Derek Reese with a surprise headshot.