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"He's not a guy. He's a scary robot."
- Cameron Phillips

Vick Chamberlain was a Series 888 Terminator sent back to sometime before 2007 to ensure the genesis of Skynet.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season One[]

When Cameron and Sarah Connor went to meet with four Resistance soldiers, they discovered them dead on the floor. One of the bodies, however, was the T-888 laying in wait for the fourth Resistance fighter's return. It attacked Cameron, but ran once it realized she was a cyborg of unknown series. She and Sarah gave chase, but he ultimately got away. "Gnothi Seauton"

Continuing with his mission, Vick purposely got himself arrested, so he could kill Resistance fighter Derek Reese, who had been arrested for the murder of Andy Goode. Derek was being transferred into FBI custody on Agent Ellison's orders, when Cameron, Sarah and John hijacked the police transport vehicle and overcame the two armed guards. Discovering that Derek had been removed from the jail, Vick broke out, caught up with the van. Cameron battled him, but he overpowered her and used her gun to take aim at Derek. As he pulled the trigger, though, Cameron hit him with a metal pipe causing the bullet to nick Derek's lung. She was then able to pin down the T-888 and remove it's CPU with John's assistance. "Queen's Gambit"

Vick's hand was knocked off during the fight in the transport and later found at the scene by Agent Ellison. After burning the T-888's endoskeleton with thermite, Cameron vowed to Sarah that she would track down the hand and destroy it. But she secretly pocketed Vick's chip, claiming to have kept it as a valuable source of intelligence after Derek later discovered it in her room. "Queen's Gambit"

When John was hacking the T-888's CPU for information and power levels rose to optimal voltage to reactivate the Terminator's protocol, it suddenly reactivated and seized control of the computer. It immediately "targeted" John from within his own laptop and attempted to open an internet connection on his cell phone via bluetooth. These devices had to be physically disassembled to prevent "Vick" from establishing external links since device controls are no longer solid state but software driven. In the end, John unplugged the CPU to stop the Terminator. "Vick's Chip"


The Terminator possibly replaced a man known as Vick Chamberlain during the course of a horrific car crash in order to get close to Barbara Chamberlain, a key Skynet progenitor,[1] thus making it able to monitor her activities and protect her work from threats.


In the course of its mission, it has terminated subjects from Jessica Peck, an anti-tech lobbyist obstructing his wife's work, to the Resistance fighters sent to the past to stop the creation of Skynet. The T-888 was successful in killing three of the four Resistance fighters. In addition, it killed Barbara Chamberlain after ensuring the creation of the ARTIE, the basis of Skynet's neural network.


  • In the episode "Vick's Chip", Vick may have been attempting to notify other Terminators in the timeline about John Connor's location, a primary mission of all Terminators.



(John and Cameron are watching a playback of Vick's memory)
Barbara: Vick, god, you poor thing. You're up again? I told you, just take one of my pills. Fine, babe, come back to bed. I can't sleep with you standing there like a statue.
John Connor: Was that thing... Married?
Cameron: The T-triple 8 is an advanced model infiltrator.
John Connor: Yeah, but I don't think she knows. I mean, is that possible?
Cameron: She would not be the first human fooled by a machine.

(Vick and Barbara are sitting together)
Barbara: Do you not wanna work on this? Because I do. I want us to be happy. I've made a decision... We're gonna figure out what we want. Together. I'm quitting my job. I'm... I'm coming home.
Vick: That's not a good idea, babe.
(Vick pours her some more wine)

Barbara: I don't think I can do it. I can't finish.
Vick: But you've almost completed it.
Barbara: But if I do, I just... I feel like it's become a monster, you know? It's become a horrible thing between us. And ever since I started working on it, you've been so... I don't mean to blame you.
Vick: Finish it. (brushes her lips with his thumb) Finish it.



  1. Suitable cover for the Terminator's ongoing personality discrepancies, and a tactic repeated for the insertion of the T-1001 version of Catherine Weaver.
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