Mr. VanDirk is a one-eyed ex-cop working as a bounty hunter seeking to extricate Cindy Evert, Senator Evert's daughter, from the ranks of the satanist biker gang led by Killerman.


The Terminator: Death ValleyEdit

Capturing a member of Killerman's gang, Donnie, VanDirk forces him across the desert barefoot to learn the location of the hideout. Dragging Donnie on a rope to the cavern entrance, the hunter forces him in first, where he is gunned down by his own gang. As this happens, two Terminators arrive via TDE jump only a mile away, and detect the hideout as a source of clothes, weapons, and information. While VanDirk confronts the gang, the Terminators enter and begin systematically terminating gang members, asking for information about the Connors. Unfortunately for him, in a ploy to distract the Terminators for an ambush attack, Killerman says he knows the Connors but won't tell them as he initiates a counterattack. As the battle ensues, Cindy is accidentally shot by VanDirk and the rest of the members of Killerman's gang are terminated as Killerman collapses the cavern entrance with dynamite as he makes a break for it. The bounty hunter is left wounded in the wreckage of the gang's cavern lair, while Killerman escapes on his bike. The Terminators, certain Killerman has useful information, break free and set out in pursuit on the remaining gang motorcycles after securing clothes and weapons. The bounty hunter survived the devastation.[1][citation needed]

VanDirk finally regains consciousness and crawls out of the cavern and back to his vehicle. Meanwhile, Terminators have changed their disguise to that of park rangers and continue their pursuit of Killerman. Choosing to go off-road to evade police inquiry into his disastrous and unlicensed pursuit of the gang, VanDirk runs his vehicle into the mud beds and wrecks. He is rescued by an old gold prospector, Scotty and his mule Jezebel. Killerman decides that his only chance for survival is to give the Terminators what they want, and he sets out to find who he believes are the Connors.[citation needed]

The Norden family, Ken, Sara, and their son Jon have been living in a camper in the ruins of an old ghost town while Ken works on environmental studies for two weeks. Sara has reached the breaking point and declares she is going to take Jon and return to San Francisco. D810.X begins to ask D800.L probing questions about humanity while scanning a remote desert grave (David Foster-1911-Heatstroke). Killerman takes the Nordens hostage, because they are the only John and Sarah he knows of.[citation needed]

Scotty and VanDirk hear of a Terminator attack at the Visitor's Center and the pursuit by the authorities on Scotty's scanner, and VanDirk cannot let the killers go on without vengeance for Cindy.[citation needed]

Confronting the Terminators at the Skull Mine to save the surviving Nordens, VanDirk was miraculously spared summary termination at the hands of D810.X. This may have been due to a flaw in its programming from a temporal shift in its arrival, as it had increasingly became fascinated with the meaning of life and the living. Increasingly rebellious, ignoring directives from D800.L, and interfering with the termination of non-threatening humans, D810.X spared VanDirk then lied about it to D800.L. D810.X and its companion unit were finally terminated by VanDirk with three sticks of dynamite salvaged from the mine site.[citation needed]



  1. This is as far as his story progresses in The Terminator: Hunters and Killers (digital)
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