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Big Terminator fan here, hope to help out by editing articles and promote this wiki. My favorite character and Terminator would have to be the T-1000 and my favorite human character would be James Ellison. I can't wait for Terminator Salvation and hope to make articles from topic on the movie as they come in. My Youtube account is http://www.Youtube.com/CQVFilms


  • Si-Fi movies
    • Terminator Series
    • Star Wars Series
    • Matrix Series
  • Classical music
  • Video Games
    • Nintendo
      • Super Smash Bros. Series
      • Pokemon RPG Series
    • Runescape
  • Online Video
    • Indie Film making
    • Youtube

To Do List[]

  • Any T4-related topics, with more T4 news that comes in
  • Future War Topics
    • Future War Battles
  • more...

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US This user uses American English.
T2 This user's favorite Terminator movie is Terminator 2: Judgment Day