Connor in front of a tattered U.S. flag

The United States of America (USA or US) was a federal republic in North America attacked by Skynet on Judgment Day. The United States was Skynet's country of origin and the birthplace of John Connor.


In 1997, most of the United States was destroyed during Judgement Day, and its population decreased by millions. Years after, the United States became a barren war zone between the Resistance and the machines.

However, by 2029, Skynet was defeated. Before its destruction, Skynet sent a T-800 to Los Angeles in 1984 as a last resort effort to kill John's mother, Sarah Connor. This action created an alternate timeline in the process. A lengthy chase took lace in Los Angeles resulting in the murders of several people. However, the T-800 was destroyed and Sarah Connor's assassination attempt was averted.

9 years later in 1995, a T-1000 was sent from the future to assassinate the child version of John Connor.

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