The USS Wilmington was a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine commissioned by the United States Navy. It survived Judgment Day and was utilized by the Resistance against Skynet as the Resistance Headquarters. It was lost in 2018 with all hands.



Several members of the Resistance hierarchy are located on board the USS Wilmington. Its staff consisted of a wide assortment of officers from several militaries, notably Resistance General Hugh Ashdown.

After the devastating attack on the Skynet VLA that resulted in the death of his entire team, John Connor requested to be taken to Resistance Headquarters, but was denied the request for access upon arrival. He then forced himself in by diving from his helicopter and was rescued by the crew.

USS Wilmington's position was later triangulated by Skynet after General Ashdown fell for Skynet's trap. The Wilmington was then tracked down by a HK-Aerial which proceeded to blow Wilmington out of the water with a plasma-anti-submarine torpedo. Wilmington was lost with all hands. Terminator Salvation

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The USS Wilmington is not an actual submarine in use by the United States Navy.


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