The USS Roosevelt is an Ohio-class nuclear submarine converted from a Trident missile carrier to a commando transport, housing 100 U.S. Navy SEALS members.

The sub escaped direct control by Skynet because it was last on the roster to receive the upgrades that it could exploit. Captain Thaddeus Chu refused orders from Admiral Read to put in to the nuclear wasteland San Diego had become, and evaded other vessels on the open seas until a need for supplies forced it to make port in Argentina. There her commander was recruited into the Resistance by Sarah Connor's goodwill in providing much needed supplies and an escape from the blockaded port.


  • This vessel's name is fictitious, as all Ohio-Class subs are named after states, not presidents.
  • The use of subs as both transport and forward-deployed, clandestine Small Combatant Joint Command Center for Special Operations Forces is well documented in reality, however, not to the numbers alluded to here. When operating in this manner, the entire complement of SOF forces is only 66 (including staff and support personnel in addition to the SEALS).
    • In reality, the conversion for commando use involves merely attaching the ASDV and/or unloading up to two missile launch tubes for use as swimmwer lockout chambers. [1]



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