A Time Displacement Sphere

Time Sphere, Time Displacement Sphere, or "Time Bubble",[1][2] will appear when a Infiltrator or human arrives in their predetermined time.

Before a Time Sphere appears, a small electrical storm will come first. Then, the sphere would burn and/or melt anything around it. The possible reason for the time displacement taking this specific shape is that due to the time machine sometimes having a spinning crescent mechanism that accelerates movement created a spherical pattern that echoes through time and takes the form of a large sphere of energy. When it fades away, its traveler(s) will appear naked, in a crouched position or lying down.

Time Sphere has different versions in various timeline possibly due to utilization of different technologies to the Time Displacement Equipment from the original timeline. In Rise of the Machines timeline, the object sent through the Continuum Transporter will arrive in a Time Sphere appears as a metallic bubble with a grid structure underneath. Upon arriving, its temperature is so high that soil can be vitrified. While in Dark Fate timeline, before a Time Sphere appears, its surrounding environment will be frozen.

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Time travel arriving without Time Sphere

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