Three dots on the basement wall of the Connors' home

Three dots were painted on the basement wall of the Connors' home by Wells, a Resistance fighter sent from the future. "Automatic for the People"

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season TwoEdit

Sarah Connor became obsessed with the three dots, dreaming about them frequently. "Complications" This caused her to engage in a search for the three dots.


The logo of Dakara Systems

Looking online, John found a company with the three dots in the logo: Dakara Systems. "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" John, Cameron, Derek and Sarah targeted Dakara, but discovered that it appeared to have nothing to do with Skynet.

While Sarah is still in search of a meaning of the three dots she attends a UFO convention where she met Abraham whom with a help of a psychologist leads Sarah to a warehouse in the desert. Sarah gets shot, and, while lying semi-conscious, sees a flying machine with engines arranged in a three dot configuration. "Earthlings Welcome Here"

It is suggested that the three dots represent the indicators on The Turk. "Born to Run"

Possible MeaningsEdit

  • The logo of an unknown company having to do with Skynet.
  • A three dot icon, in the same configuration, is also the universal symbol for a pawnshop; although most American pawn shops no longer use it, it is still used elsewhere. The Connors reacquired their possessions from a pawnshop after the house was robbed.
  • It is worth noting the three dot may stand for the mathematical notation symbol "Because", while the word "Dakara" is the Japanese word for "Therefore".
  • The dots could also be completely meaningless, as Wells may have been using one hand (with three bloodied fingers) to lean against the wall while writing his cryptic messages with the other.
  • John Henry's computer system was operated by the Turk, who had a red three-dot-pattern indicators. "Born to Run"


  • The stellar formations used to calculate the date are in the form of the three dots, possibly related to an important date. "Self Made Man"



Derek: Take a look at this. (holds up a gunbelt) You seem 'em. The three dots on the belt...
John: If you are gonna talk about my mother when she's not even here...
Derek: No I'm talking about the three dots on this belt. I'm seeing them everywhere now. It's got me thinking how crazy this can make you. You start seeing things in every corner and on every wall and pretty soon you forget what it was you were even looking for in the first place. All of us. Everyone.
John: I remember. I always remember.
Season Two, "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

Sarah: Tell me about the chip, about the AI, about the three dots!
Alex Akagi: Please don't hurt my boy. Please.
Sarah: Stop changing the subject, and making this about your wife, your poor Grandpa, your son.
Alex Akagi: Please. It is. It's all about him! It's all about Xander!
Sarah: Three dots.
Alex Akagi: It's just a logo, you crazy bitch!
Season Two, "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

Cameron: Dakara has no money. They'll miss the Air Force's deadline.
Sarah: They'll find the money. Everything they need. Every penny. They'll get their miracle.
Cameron: How do you know?
Sarah: I know because it's written in blood on my basement wall.
Season Two, "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"
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