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This is a T-101 without official image.

"Third" is the third T-101 Infiltrator[1] constructed by Serena Burns in 2001 in a Secret Terminator Lab constructed under the old Dyson property with the assistance of One and Two. The process of creation would take two months from start to finish.

Third was provided a low-signature automatic[2] and a special medical certificate[3] with the intention of being able to penetrate airport security.


  • Complete and review manufacture of additional Terminators Four and Five for the I-950 Infiltrator unit.
  • Initiate infiltration sheath immersion for additional Terminators Six and Seven.
  • Mission Priority
  • Travel to the Cayman Islands and Terminate Jackson Skye and all other humans in his home. Mission variance authorized as required by circumstance. Contact intelligence unit in the event of significant deviation from mission parameters.
    • Mission Deleted: Priority targets detected preparing to depart airport via private charter. At all costs Terminate the Connors and von Rossbach, discreetly if possible.
      • Infiltration Compromised: Airport Security system (not on file) Backscatter X-ray (phased ultrasonic variant),[4] humans alerted.
        • Infiltration protocol terminated, enter Combat Mode: Capture primary targets, Self-destruct rather than allow capture by humans. Aircraft exterior boarded, takeoff initiated, crash landing will not ensure termination, attempting cabin entry.
          • Mission Failed: Cabin breach repelled by plastique charges, 75% mobility reduction, decapitated by plastique rope shape charge. Endoskeleton power cells self destructed en route to ocean. Unit's head captured by the Connors and Dieter von Rossbach, attempts to bite primary target unsuccessful.
            • Erase critical portions of memory, plant false information trail to lead primary targets to a trap at the Cyberdyne facility in Sacramento.


  • T-90 Endoskeleton Combat chassis[1]
  • Infiltrator Sheath, Model 101 infiltration sheath[6]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws concealed under nails.
  • Terminator protocols uploaded from I-950


Third: (as TSA agent uses wand) "Wherever you run that, it's going to go off."
TSA: (wand pings continuously) "That must have hurt."
Third: "It did."



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