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Cameron prepares to ignite the thermite covering Vick's endo.

The Bedell Terminator destroyed by thermite.

Thermite is an incendiary compound composed of aluminum powder and metal oxide. Although not explosive, it is capable of creating short, controlled bursts of extremely high heat. It is most often used in building demolition, as it is easily controlled and relatively safe to use. It is also used to weld together pieces of railroad track.

Terminator franchise[]

In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, thermite is used to destroy the endoskeletons of terminators. As the endoskeletons are made with coltan, which has a higher melting point than titanium, thermite is the only effective way to melt them down.

The Vick Chamberlain Terminator (and presumably Rosie) were destroyed in this manner by Cameron. Cameron was almost melted by thermite after she was corrupted. The Bedell Terminator was destroyed with thermite by John Connor after being "killed" by Derek Reese.


  • Traces of a specific brand of thermite (thermate) were found in the ruins of the World Trade Center, prompting conspiracy theorists to speculate that the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 were staged.[1]
  • Thermite grenades are used by US Armed Forces personnel to destroy wrecked military vehicles that could be salvaged by the enemy.[2]


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