Wells' handiwork

The bloody wall is a wall full of words written in blood by the Resistance fighter Wells. It is located in the basement of the Connors' residence and was discovered by Sarah Connor after she found odd blood trails near the house. "Automatic for the People"

The inscription

The markings are organized in two columns, presumably listing places or people somehow important to the future war, the Resistance or Skynet. The inclusion of Myron Stark in the first column implies that it is a list of Skynet agents to be neutralized, while the contents of the second column appear to be Skynet targets to be protected.

First column
Written Reference to Episode of occurrence
(2007 is blurry)
Myron Stark - A Terminator who probably had been sent to kill the Governor of California on New Year's Eve 2010, but mistakenly ended up in 1920. It is unknown if 2007 LK is to be viewed separately from Stark's name. "Self Made Man"
Tb3N@C84 An unusual type of fullerene molecule.[1] There has been speculation that this particular molecule might refer to liquid metal terminators.[2]

Second column
Written Reference to Episode of occurrence
GREENWAY Carl Greenway - The key person in a possible meltdown at the Seranno Point Nuclear Power Plant which is a key location for the Resistance in the future. "Automatic for the People"
"Three dots"
(On the same line as "Greenway")
The three dots are a phenomenon Sarah becomes obsessed about after having what she believes to be prophetic dreams. "Complications" (Sarah's dream)
"Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" (Dakara System)
"Earthlings Welcome Here" (TSCC Drones resembling three dots)
P ALTO Presidio Alto - The military academy that Martin Bedell went to. Bedell will be instrumental in freeing John Connor from Skynet imprisonment and was targeted for termination by the Series 888 Bedell Terminator. "Goodbye to All That"
DR B SHERMAN Dr. Boyd Sherman helped to educate The Turk/John Henry. "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"
"Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"
ALPINE FIELDS The Fields Family - A family that was targeted by the Series 888 (Fields Terminator) in order to kill Anne Fields, mother of the unborn Sydney Fields, who will help the Resistance fight a Skynet bioweapon. "Alpine Fields"
0419100644 Too short to be a Resistance ID, the number possibly is a time, date, password or phone number.
  • EILEEN: Name not exactly known - possibly a reference to Abraham, who was living under this name.
  • WILSHIRE: A suburb of Los Angeles, also the name of a street in the same city.
  • HD: unknown


  • The Bloody Wall makes a very brief appearance towards the end of the 2010 Live-action film, Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.



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