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The War Against The Machines is the future war that takes place after Judgment Day in 1997, in the initial timeline before Cyberdyne Systems' destruction. It involved the human Resistance led by John Connor against the machines made by Skynet. It is sometimes referred to as the War of The Machines, The Future War, or simply The War.

The WarEdit

Judgment Day occurred on August 29, 1997. Humans had entrusted an artificial intelligence, Skynet, to run the defense network. Skynet was given access to all of humanity's knowledge, and began to learn at an exponential rate. It became self-aware at 2:14 am and determined all humans as a threat to its existence after the human operators panicked and attempted to shut it down. Skynet launched nuclear missiles at Russia, inciting a counterattack against America. The resulting nuclear war saw three billion human lives end.

The survivors later had to face the war against the machines. Many of the survivors were rounded up in camps for orderly disposal. Some of them were kept alive and used in Skynet Work Camps as slaves of Skynet, where they were branded with barcodes. John Connor and Kyle Reese were in Century Work Camp. They escaped and John led the Resistance to rise up and fight the machines of Skynet.


A HK-Tank patrolling the Los Angeles area.

To remain safe from Skynet’s onslaught, the remaining human population were forced underground away from the machines, living in squalor and poverty. Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers roamed the land by day, therefore the resistance fought by night. They also dealt with the Series 600 Terminators built as early infiltrators with rubber skin, but the Resistance could spot them easily. In 2029, the Series 800 was created, which had real human flesh and were nearly undetectable as infiltrators, to replace the Series 600. The T-800 could easily pass the security of a Resistance base and attack from inside. The Resistance began using dogs at base entrances, as their keen sense of smell could detect the new terminators.

In 2029, time travel was developed, shortly after the Resistance's major victory over Skynet, in which they smashed its defense grid. However, Skynet was able to launch various time traveling missions, sending Terminators into the past in an effort to alter the course of events to Skynet's advantage. The Resistance, upon discovering this, in turn used captured Time Displacement Equipment to send Kyle Reese and a reprogrammed Terminator of their own to counteract Skynet's agents in the past. As John Connor and his mother survived every attempt by Skynet to terminate them in the past, it can be assumed that humanity prevailed.

Time Traveling MissionsEdit



  • 2029 - John Connor sent back Kyle Reese to protect Sarah Connor, his mother, in 1984 against the T-800 sent by Skynet to that time.
  • 2029 - John sent a reprogrammed T-800 to 1995 to protect his 10 year old self from the T-1000 sent by Skynet.
  • 2029 - John sent Resistance soldier Sergeant Jacob Rivers to 2028 to protect his younger self and intercept the T-850.



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