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The Terminator RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game by Nightfall Games.

Publisher Summary[]

The Terminator RPG is the official roleplaying game based on 'The Terminator' movie and associated graphic novels published by Dark Horse comics.

Join the Human Resistance. The world is a wasteland—broken by the machines we built. Our own creations, our own hubris. Not in some distant future. Today. Now. The machines think they have won. But there is one last chance for humankind, a secret weapon that Skynet in its infinite calculations could never have anticipated—you.

Play in any time zone—including the 1980s and future war. All the main characters from the movie, such as Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and the T-800 are included, as is content from the graphic novels and all all-new, never seen before Terminator variants and hardware. The rulebook includes two mission packs, enabling you to relive The Terminator movie and to join the fight to bring down Skynet in a not-so-distant future war.

Programming the Future. The setting team is led by 2020 ENnie and UKGE award-winning author Andrew E.C. Gaska (ALIEN RPG) and our rules team by Benn Graybeaton (Conan and Infinity RPGs). Art direction comes from Dave Allsop (SLA Industries) and layout design comes from Gaska's BLAM! Ventures studio (Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Nike Future Park).

More than a game. The Terminator RPG is not just a role-playing game—it's a sourcebook for the first Terminator film and its expanded universe. Settings writer Andrew E.C. Gaska is known for his development work on the expanded universes of ALIEN, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. Like those projects, The Terminator RPG extrapolates from hardcore existing canon to create a living and breathing world with a multitude of possible and probable timelines. Any Terminator fan will want this gorgeous book on their shelf, whether they intend to play or not.


Resistance and associates Skynet

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  • The RPG core rule book contains two scenarios: The Phone Book Killer by Richard August[1] and The Killer In Me by Jude Reid.[2]
  • Funding for the RPG was initially raised through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. 2,145 backers pledged £135,007 to help bring this project to life.[3]


  • The core rulebook was published under a license that only allowed access to the original film and its associated comics.[4] Therefore, no open references are made to other films in the series, although efforts were taken to ensure no contradictions so any further releases under additional licenses will fit in and compliment each other.[5]
  • The series takes place in its own timeline based on the T1 licensed materials. Still, equivalents to events and characters from other timelines can be found.[6] This can be seen in allusions to the events of sources like Terminator: Rampage and Terminator Salvation and multiple cameos of characters from all over the franchise, from Star to Derek Reese.
  • The back covers of the standard editions of the rulebook and the Campaign Guide show a picture of the blasted landscape of Los Angeles, with the focus zooming in from the first picture to the second, the picture modified to show a metal arm punching out of the pile of skulls in the right hand corner (see gallery below).


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