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Gameplay of first level.

The Mega-CD/Sega CD version of The Terminator video game was coded by Virgin Games USA and released in 1993. It was based on the David Perry engine. The game has a CD quality music soundtrack, in which all songs were produced by Tommy Tallarico.

The plot is based on that of the movie. The player controls Kyle Reese, who travels back in time to Los Angeles 1984, to protect Sarah Connor (unplayable) and help stop the Terminator. Kyle's weapons include firearms (which you can upgrade as you progress) including the Ithaca 37 and the Valmet M82A he uses in the movie to a plasma rifle in addition to grenades (the cap is 100).

The game is a side-scrolling action platformer/shooter. The player travels through levels battling enemies. Scenes from the film are played to move the story along.

This game is considered to be one of the best Terminator games based on the original film.


Dead City

The first level. Kyle must fight off human-skin Terminators, T-800s and mini HK-Tanks. His firearm here is the Valmet M82A converted into a plasma rifle.


Kyle is out in the battlefield and must battle T-800s, an HK-Aerial and an HK-Tank (the boss).

Skynet Base

Kyle infiltrates Skynet's primary base of operations to access their time chamber. Along the way he battles mechanic-panthers, more T-800s who are now armed with machine guns, human-skin Terminators and the base's defense systems ranging from ceiling guns to plasma barriers.

Time Chamber

Kyle, still inside Skynet's base, must get to the time chamber to travel back to 1984. The boss is the Terminator himself, who also is absorbed into the time chamber with Kyle.

City Streets

Picking off from where the movie began, Kyle must obtain the Ithaca 37 and fight off street thugs who are shooting at and throwing knives at Kyle. These thugs are reminiscent of the ones that the Terminator fought over for clothes. Police cars are enemies, but they cannot be shot down or blown up.

City Roofs

Kyle must fight off a police helicopter pursuing him.

Technoir Bar

Kyle reaches the Tech-Noir Bar where he must find Sarah and protect her from the Terminator.

Police Station

Kyle fights off the Terminator again this time inside the police station and escapes with Sarah.

The Factory

Final Battle

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