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The Terminator: The Enemy Within is a four part comic series from Dark Horse Comics published in 1992. The series is a follow up to the earlier series, The Terminator: Secondary Objectives.


The Resistance terminator hybrid I825.M known as Dudley is fighting a losing battle against the resurgence of his Skynet terminator protocols while Mary struggles to eliminate potential Skynet progenitors in the past. An additional Resistance cell under the command of Captain Emmer follows Mary to the past after detecting the TDE still active in the future, successfully destroying the facility this time due to the sacrifice of Trooper Lynch. The 4 surviving members of second cell arrived in the L.A. Zoo Bengal tiger enclosure, and immediately set out to complete what they determined to be Mary's failed mission, the execution of Skynet's progenitors.

Dr. Ed Astin has been working with Mary and Dudley to relieve I825.M of any remaining influence by Skynet's hardwired implants. During the procedure he discovers a treasure trove of information contained within Dudley's components. His mercenary impulses take over and he Sabotages Dudley's treatment to create an opportunity to abscond with fully detailed technical specifications on Skynet and terminators, intending to sell the information to Dr. Hollister and secure his fortune in the present, regardless of the threat it poses to humanity in the future.

The terminator Z000.M introduced in The Terminator: Secondary Objectives has been cannibalized for parts by the surviving terminator C890.L. After completing repairs with the temporary aid of a biker gang in Zapata, Texas, it resumes pursuit of the cell. Eventually shedding the "demonic" modifications added by the bikers for the more functional disguise of a police uniform. Failing to acquire Mary's cell, it resumes coverage of Dr. Hollister, arriving at the Cyberdyne Systems facility that would be the future site of the Time Displacement Equipment just after the surviving members of Captain Emmer's cell execute Hollister and the traitor Astin. The terminator proceeds to engage both resistance cells and engages in yet another battle with forces of the LAPD. Weakened by massive damage caused by immersion in superheated acid, the unit is finally put down by Mary using multiple shots from a grenade launcher.


Mary's Resistance Cell membersEdit

  • Mary Randall: Colonel, Cell leader
  • Dudley: Cyborg Hybrid, Organic Tissue Technician/Intelligence Operative

Emmer's Resistance Cell membersEdit

  • Captain Emmer: Captain, Cell leader. Grey haired and one-eyed. Killed by Dr. Hollister with the Plasma Pistol.
  • Hooks: male Tech-Com Soldier with red hair, known as a wise-ass, last trooper Terminated by C890.L after he linked up with Col. Randall.
  • Lynch: male Tech-Com Soldier with blond hair, Killed defending the TDE while his cell entered the time sphere
  • Pace: female Tech-Com Soldier with long black hair, 2nd trooper Terminated by C890.L after she killed Hollister and Astin.
  • Trooper: unnamed male Hispanic Tech-Com Soldier, 1st trooper Terminated by C890.L after he killed Hollister and Astin.

Known TerminatorsEdit

  • C890.L: Series 800, stripped of infiltration sheath, repaired by Texas biker gang giving it a "demonic" appearance

Other CharactersEdit


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