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The Amazon

Ellis Ruggles with Peanut and the Electro-Mech Fazer


The Terminator: One Shot picks up in 1984 with the events surrounding another (redhead amazonian female model) Series 800 sent back just before the one from The Terminator who follows an alternate mode of tracking (via internet access to the "most current" phone book) that leads it to her L.A. gallery where it finds records of Sarah's planned honeymoon in San Francisco and her rolodex of contacts. There, this 4th Sarah Connor (formerly Sarah Lang) is plotting to murder her artist husband (Michael Connor, no relation) for a massive inheritance. An aged Resistance fighter sent back in 1955 to watch over Sarah Connor in case another terminator arrives (Ellis Ruggles-then 21) has spent his life in the past as a soldier and a cop, picks up on the chaos surrounding the events of The Terminator[1] and follows the leads north to protect this other Sarah Connor with an anti-terminator "Electro-Mech Fazer" weapon whose future-tech unique components were smuggled back in time by Ruggles in an unmentionalbly uncomfortable way. He also mentions an additional Resistance fighter sent to 1965 - Corporal Graves who arrived from the future on a freeway in Los Angeles and was hit and killed five seconds later.

The Amazon terminator starts a wild killing spree at Sarah's hotel. Sarah flees to her San Francisco murder accomplice Alex Gander's studio, where the terminator methodically tracks her (4th S.F. contact in the Rolodex). Engineering an escape from the carnage at the studio by dropping massive industrial artwork on the terminator, Sarah flees to the streets in a cab. The terminator pursues on a motorcycle until run off the road by the cabbie just short of a police roadblock where her husband Michael is waiting. Ellis Ruggles and his current animal companion, the pet monkey Peanut snatch Sarah and Michael from the roadblock as the terminator lays waste to the police, covering them with a grazing shot from his Fazer. Explaining the Skynet future and the threat the terminator poses, Ruggles plans to sneak the Connors out of the city on the ferry. The terminator tracks them to the boat and a battle ensues. Ruggles ends up in the water with his weapon, mortally wounded. Knowing he has only one shot, he gives his life to mostly disable the terminator. Sarah, attempts to use the battle to kill Michael but the barely functioning terminator's last act is to grab her leg as it falls in the water, dragging her to her death. Peanut and Michael Connor survive.


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