Terminator: Dawn of Fate is a 2002 video game made for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It shows the events in the future leading up to The Terminator.


John Connor is making one of the last offenses against Skynet. Skynet plans to send a T-800 back through time to kill Sarah Connor. Tech-Com is trying to prevent this, but if Skynet succeeds in time travel, Kyle Reese, a Tech-Com soldier will be sent back through time to protect Sarah Connor.

Grave Introduction
Following a Skynet invasion of their base led by a T-800, Kyle Reese must escort John Connor to safety.
Final Delivery
While trying to escape the base, Kyle Reese and John Connor are separated. While Connor continues to the exit, Reese tries to rescue trapped soldiers from Skynet.
Mass Destruction
After Connor escapes to safety, Justin Perry and a Tech-Com demolitions specialist go back into the base to destroy it before Skynet can learn of the Resistance's plans to attack Cheyenne Mountain.
Enemy Withdrawal
Justin Perry is assigned to investigate the Skynet presence in the ruins of the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles.
Loading Zone
While following a group of Auto Palettes to their source, Perry pursues Alexander Stone through the sewers.
Cybernetic Surprise
While en route back to his base, Kyle Reese is attacked by a new line of Skynet assault forces: the Skynet Initiate and captured.
Asylum Assault
After Kyle Reese is captured by Skynet, Catherine Luna is dispatched to rescue him from a Skynet Work Camp in the ruins of Los Angeles.
After rescuing Kyle Reese in the Skynet-run Asylum, Catherine Luna is attacked by a Series 800 Infiltrator.
Storming NORAD
The Resistance invades Skynet Central at NORAD.
Time Displaced
After a T-800 is sent back through time and his team is disabled, Kyle Reese must battle his way to the Skynet Central Core and destroy it so that he can rescue his friends and travel to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor.


Resistance / Tech-Com Skynet




Major General Perry fighting a Skynet Loader

Some interesting things that set this game apart from other Terminator games is that you get to see several never before seen Terminator units such as the T-400 Series and T-500 Series. Also, the inclusion of melee combat changes the ways you can exterminate the Terminators. The camera angles used in this game proves to be unique but feel poorly implemented. The camera feels like its never looking the right way, and also is very "sticky".

There are fifteen different weapons at the players disposal, here are a few examples:

  • Dual AP50 pistols
A pair of futuristic, fully automatic akimbo pistols. These pistols have a very high rate of fire, but is unfortunately less effective on Terminator units then the other weapons available.
  • PLM40 Laser Assault Rifle
A quite bulky looking laser rifle with a mounted scope (the scope is never used ). This is probably one of the best weapons in the game, having a pretty devastating effect on Terminator units alike. The PLM40 is not to be confused with the M-25 Phased Plasma Rifle which is unavailable to the player
  • R-6 Pak Rocket Launcher
A small ( and presumably light ) hand-held rocket launcher, in the form of a Pistol. This weapon is exclusive to Major Perry, and is only available when playing as him in certain stages of the game. The R-6 packs a heavy punch, and can easily destroy any Terminator unit in just one-two shots ( except the T-800, which sometimes take three shots).
  • Canister Bomb
A throw able high-explosive bomb in the form of a canister, this weapon had it's first appearance in The Terminator, and a brief appearance in Terminator 2, making it one of the few weapons that are truly canon.
  • Electric Stun-baton
The only melee weapon available to the player, an electrical powered stun-baton. Any melee attack with this weapon can temporarily stun older Terminator units, like the T-400. It can be very lethal when used with the right melee attack combination, often resulting in an instant kill if the Terminator unit is incapacitated on the ground, or temporarily stunned.

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  • The battle against the T-800 in "Infiltration" follows the same series of stages as the battle against the T-800 in The Terminator. The T-800 starts off with a standard skin sheath, followed by one where the skin has been ripped from half of its face before an attack where it has been broken in half and can only attack by crawling.

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