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The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline follows Terminator 2: Judgment Day timeline and leads to the events in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It is created by the destruction of the Cyberdyne Building. Note there are at least three known future timelines as shown in the series:

Prior timelines[]

Original timeline[]

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The Terminator / Terminator 2: Judgment Day timeline[]

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  • The T-800 arrived from the future to kill Sarah Connor. Its mission failed as Kyle Reese intervened and rescued Sarah successfully, but he was killed. Before his death, Kyle impregnated Sarah, who later gave birth to John Connor in 1985. The Terminator
  • John Connor was born on 14 November.[1]
1997 [2]
  • June 8: Sarah Connor signed away her legal rights as John Connor's parent, which was recorded (and later viewed by John in 2007). She then attempted her escape, which is the same date that John and the T-800 came to get her.[3][4]
  • The T-1000 arrived from the future to kill John Connor. Its mission failed as the T-800 was sent back by the Resistance to protect young John Connor.
  • Sarah, John, and T-800 destroyed Cyberdyne building in order to prevent the creation of Skynet. Terminator 2: Judgment Day The mission is successful and the Judgment Day in 1997 was averted.

Alternate Original timeline[]

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After the event in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Skynet's creation and Judgment Day was postponed.

  • For a brief period of time, John and Sarah Connor stay in the unincorporated community of Garberville in Humboldt County, CA.[5]
  • The Connors had settled down, believing they had averted Judgment Day. Meanwhile, Sarah remained on the FBI's most wanted list for having allegedly killed Miles Dyson; Agent James Ellison was in charge of her case.
  • Sarah met Charley Dixon during February.
  • On 24 August, Sarah and John left Charley shortly after becoming engaged.
  • Skynet went online on 19 April.
  • Skynet initiate Judgment Day on 21 April.[6]
  • The Reese Brothers witnessed the launch of U.S. missiles while playing ball in their yard. Derek took Kyle underground for safety before the counterstrike. "What He Beheld"
Unknown point
2027 (Second Future Timeline)

The Sarah Chronicles timeline[]

  • Myron Stark murdered the primary opposition to its acquisition of the property at Pico Plaza, clearing the way for it to ensure construction of the tower where it will attempt to terminate Mark Wyman, the Governor of California, in 2010. "Self Made Man"

1999 to 2006[]

  • Cameron arrived on 29 June, from 2027, to protect John Connor.
  • On 6 September, John started school in Red Valley, New Mexico, where he met Cameron, who was posing as a classmate.
  • On 7 September, Cromartie impersonated a substitute teacher to infiltrate the school where John attended. During a class, Cromartie opened fire at John, who was protected by Cameron.
  • On 8 September, John, Sarah, and Cameron drove to Terissa Dyson to seek her help; they got to her house sometime past midnight.
  • On 9 September, John, Sarah, and Cameron used Time Displacement Equipment in a bank vault to jump to the year 2007. Cromartie's head followed.
Between 1999 to 2006


See also: 2007
9 September
  • Sarah Connor, John Connor, and Cameron arrived in 2007 from 1999 and decided to stop Skynet once and for all.[6]
  • Cromartie, whose head also travelled through time, rebuilt itself and continued on his mission to find and terminate John Connor.
  • Agent Ellison followed up on the deaths, which unknown to him were linked to Terminators.
25 October
  • After arriving from the future, Derek Reese assassinated Andrew Goode, creator of the "Turk", a chess playing program destined to evolve into Skynet in the Alternate Original timeline. Later, Derek joined forces with the Connors and Cameron. "Queen's Gambit"
14 November
15 to 17 November[14]
Events with unspecific dates


See also: 2008
"Earthlings Welcome Here"
  • Alan Park was murdered.
  • Riley attempted suicide.
  • Sarah was shot.
"The Good Wound"
"Desert Cantos"
"Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"
"Ourselves Alone"
"Today Is The Day, Part 1" and "Today Is The Day, Part 2".
"To the Lighthouse"
  • The team moved.
  • Sarah went on medical examination for a lump on her breast.
  • John Henry was compromised.
  • The team was attacked under the direction of the same entity that compromised John Henry.
  • Charley Dixon died trying to save John Connor during attack by the Grays.
"Adam Raised a Cain" [20][21]
"Born to Run" [22][23][24]

Alternate Future[]

Unknown date
  • Sarah Connor was originally fated to die of cancer in 2005, six years after 1999. If she is not able to avoid this fate, she can expect to die six years after 2007 (presuming, of course, other events such as Judgment Day itself do not alter this scenario).
Circa 2027


  • Kyle Reese in The Terminator reveals to Sarah that he came from the year 2029. However, as shown in Derek Reese's flash forward/flash in "Dungeons & Dragons", it is revealed that Kyle was sent back in the year 2027, two years before what the movie The Terminator states. The differences in the dates may be explained a few different ways: Either the timeline was altered due to the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and/or "Pilot", or the writers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles failed to take into account the two years that Kyle spent in Recon/Security directly under Connor (2027-2029), after his tenure with Justin Perry (2021-2027).
  • Events in "What He Beheld" establish a different birth date for Kyle Reese from that established in T1 as 2008. As shown in Derek's flash-forward to the SCC Judgment Day placing him at age 8, and stating in the SCC "present" he is age 5, the revised birth date must be in 2002.
  • The film T1 clearly takes place in 1984, with John's birth happening sometime later that year or in early 1985 (February 1985 is the birth date given in T2). Dates given in "Automatic for the People" show that John would have been 16 on November 14, 1999, making his date of birth November 14, 1983, moving The Terminator back to taking place in the Winter/Spring of 1983.
  • TSCC states that John is 15-year-old during the start of the series. Since it starts in 1999 (before they leap to 2007), John would have to have been about 13-year-old (going on 14) during the events of T2. This actually worked with opening monologue of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which states that John was 13-year-old during that period. Both of which go against the 1985 birth date as seen on screen in T2, making him a rather foul mouthed 9 or 10 years old.
  • Dialog in the TSCC pilot episode (1999, John said that "it's been almost two years") and in "The Turk" (2007 being the 10th anniversary of Miles Dyson's death) make the event of T2 occur in 1997.
  • Derek Reese is Kyle Reese's brother in TSCC timeline. However, Derek does not appear in the films, nor other Terminator fiction.


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