The "Rogue" was a Terminator captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance. It went rogue and killed many resistance soldiers in a bunker.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season One[edit | edit source]

When Derek Reese escaped from the prison house in 2027, he reunited with the resistance and discovered the reprogramming practice. The Rogue encountered in Depot II has been reprogrammed; however, Resistance reprogramming was an uncertain prospect, and this unit reverted to its Skynet base code and went rogue, laying waste to the resistance fighters in the complex.

Derek suicidally confronted the Rogue alone with a Desert Eagle, but was saved by Cameron, who downed the larger Terminator by slamming it through a wall, and firing an M-79 Grenade launcher into it at point blank range to terminate it. "Dungeons & Dragons"

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Terminator who captured Derek.

  • The Rogue Terminator appears to share the same living tissue model with the Terminator who earlier captured Derek, Kyle, Sayles, and Billy Wisher while they were scouting before. There are two possible explanations:
    • The two just happen to look alike, because they are from the same living tissue model. The Terminator who captured Derek's team had significant skin damage, while the Terminator who went rogue later did not; this suggests that the two Terminators are different entities, unless the Terminator was able to repair its skin in the amount of time that Derek was captive (it's unclear how long Derek was held prisoner, so this is difficult to assess). Also, the Terminator who captured Derek's team was presumably fighting against the Resistance, whereas the reprogrammed Rogue was presumably programmed to fight for them before it reverted to Skynet directives. It is also possible that the Rogue was already captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance and serving obediently in Depot II at the time Derek and his team encountered the other Skynet loyal unit in the field.
    • The two Terminators are one and the same. It's possible that the rogue Terminator was able to reconstitute its skin sheath while Derek was held captive. This would explain why a single unit would be seen capturing Derek, and then later in the service of the Resistance in a secret bunker if the Terminator who attacked Derek's team had been captured, repaired, and reprogrammed while Derek was held prisoner.
  • Despite the ambiguity, there is no official material suggesting the two Terminators are one and the same.
  • Although the Rogue's series is not confirmed on screen, it is presumably a Series 888 Terminator. However, the Internet Movie Database mistakenly credits him as a Series 600 Terminator.[1] This unit is shown to bleed when compromised, meaning it is living tissue instead of rubber skin. Another scene in this episode presents Series 600 Terminators in their first on-screen appearance in any media.

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Derek vs. The Rogue

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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