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The The New John Connor Chronicles timeline follows the Terminator 2: Judgment Day timeline and leads to the events in the novel series Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles. The NJCC timeline consists of three timelines: Skynet's World, Jade's World, and John's World.

Prior timelines[]

Original timeline[]

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  • Skynet sent Eve to the year 1997 to ensure its existence.
  • John Connor led the Tech-Com win the war, and shutdown Skynet. However, before its destruction, Skynet sent a Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor. The Terminator
  • Later, John found that Skynet sent another Terminator, a T-1000, to 1994 to kill his younger self. He then reprogrammed a T-800 and send it to 1994 to protect his younger self.

Skynet's World timeline[]

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May, 1984
  • The T-800 arrived from the future to kill Sarah Connor. Its mission failed as Kyle Reese intervened and rescued Sarah successfully, but he was killed. Before his death, Kyle impregnated Sarah, who later gave birth to John Connor in 1985. The Terminator
May, 1994
  • The T-1000 arrived from the future to kill John Connor.
  • John and the T-800 rescued Sarah Connor from Pescadero State Hospital and fled the T-1000. The three found refuge at Enrique Salceda's camp in desert. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • John realised Sarah was about to do something rash, and talked her out of leaving the camp to attempt to assassinate Miles Dyson
  • The T-1000 anticipated that the Connors might try to kill Dyson, hence it visited the Dysons, only to find everything was fine. It warns the Dysons to be on guard.
  • Miles Dyson agreed to move his family to Colorado, where he can work inside the Advanced Defense Systems Complex, a special NORAD facility, to complete his work on the new microchip.
  • Sarah and John move to the paramilitary Estancia of one of her old friends, Raoul Tejada, in Argentina.
  • Eve arrived in the Colorado Mountains and managed to penetrate the Advanced Defense Systems Complex on August 28.
  • Eve manipulated Skynet to formulate the plan to fire nuclear missiles at Russia and China, anticipating the counter-attack.
  • Judgment Day happened.
  • The T-1000 tracked down John Connor. It killed and impersonate Raoul. However, it was destroyed by estancia.
  • Sarah Connor and T-800 were both killed during the Battle of Buenos Aires.
  • General John Connor and his Resistance force arrived in Los Angeles and set up his command there.
  • T-799 was completed and activated by Skynet.

Jade's World timeline[]

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April, 1984
May, 1984
  • The T-800 arrived from the future to kill Sarah Connor. Its mission failed as Kyle Reese intervened and rescued Sarah successfully, but he was killed. Before his death, Kyle impregnated Sarah, who later gave birth to John Connor in 1985. The Terminator
May, 1994
  • Skynet became self-aware and launched a massive nuclear attack, resulting in Judgment Day on June 18.
  • The Resistance was organized. Ramsey Devaux was the leader of North American Branches.

John's World[]

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  • T-XA arrived in Mexico from future.
  • A commado consisting of five Specialists: Danny Dyson, Miho Tagatoshi (Jade), Anton, Selena, and Robert Baxter arrived this timeline from Jade's World. Their mission was to meet Dr. Rosanna Monk and convince her not to finish her work on the new processor in order to prevent the creation of Skynet.
  • When John Connor and Sarah Connor began to think they might strike Cyberdyne Systems again, the Connors were visited by the Specialists in Mexico City. However, they were attacked by the T-XA. Baxter was killed, but the rest managed to escape.
  • The T-XA infiltrated Cyberdyne Systems and impersonated as one of the company's top executives. It also brainwashed Dr Monk in order to have her to help the company continue to develop the hardware that would become Skynet.
  • Connors' group arrived the Cyberdyne facility with Dr. Monk.
  • Connors' group were able to appeal to Monk's logical side, making her realize she had no reason to hate humans except that the T-XA altered her to be that way. She still hated them but helps them slightly by activating the experimental time vault device under construction there, eradicating the T-XA. However, Danny Dyson and Selena were killed during the battle.
  • The brainwashed Cyberdyne executives found they had to start over again, but they acquire the body of Specialist Selena and a small amount of the T-XA's liquid metal to study.
  • After returning to Salceda's camp, the Connors' group were visited by Eve. Dark Futures
  • Cyberdyne executives Charles Layton and Oscar Cruz, who were previously brainwashed by the T-XA, planned to fly to Washington D.C. to meet with the defense department head of the Skynet project, Jack Reed, with the intention of converting him and other powerful figures in the city. Their plan ended up foiled with Layton killed and Cruz taken into custody due to the intervention from the Connors' group.
  • Reed became a believer and agreed to end the Skynet project and allowed future technology currently in Cyberdyne's hands to be confiscated and destroyed. Hence, Selena's body was later taken from Cyberdyne by the Department of Defense and cremated, though tissue samples were retained; Mimetic polyalloy residue from T-XA was destroyed in the time vault by Dr. Monk in hopes of preventing misuse in the future through reverse engineering of the sophisticated technology. An Evil Hour
  • John Connor, Sarah Connor, Jade, Anton, and Eve travelled to Eve's timeline — Skynet's World — to help General Connor to clean up reminiscent of Skynet force. An Evil Hour
  • An old Specialist arrived in New Mexico. His identity had been wiped from his mind. He only knew he had to find Jeremiah Porter. He assumed the identity of Lee Portis, a dead indigent, before travelling to Los Angeles. Hour of the Wolf