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The Fields Terminator was a Series 888 Terminator assigned to terminate Sydney Fields by eliminating her mother before the former can be born.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2[]

The Fields Terminator was sent back to the year 2008 and tracked the Fields family to their secluded holiday cabin in Alpine. It arrived in time to stop Sarah Connor and Cameron from escorting the family to safety by smashing its truck into theirs. It then tried to fulfill its objective but was attacked by Cameron, resulting in a long game of cat and mouse in the woodlands, each hunting the other. By nightfall, however, the T-888 was able to overpower Cameron and hurled her through the cabin window before retreating to assess its situation.

Deciding upon a direct approach, the T-888 marched towards the cabin where it was met by David Fields, who believed himself to be the machine's target. The T-888 scanned David and found no matches in its archives and therefore cast the man aside. It then pursued Sarah and Anne Fields through the woods, but was run over by a reactivated Cameron. Anne and Sarah got into Cameron's vehicle, and the Terminator failed to catch up to the fleeing vehicle.

Six months later, the Triple-8 was hunted down and destroyed by Cameron and Sarah.