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The Engineer was sent back in time to at least 1963, in order to help make a time machine and an isotope weapon. The Engineer built the time displacement equipment into a bank vault at Security Trust of Los Angeles. In 1999, Cameron Phillips used this time machine to send John Connor, Sarah Connor, and herself forward in time to 2007.

Very little about The Engineer is known, beyond his obvious engineering prowess. It's never confirmed if the Engineer is a Terminator or a human, but Cameron refers to the engineer as a "him", suggesting that he might be a human male. He got a job working at the bank building the vault. He was somehow able to scavenge parts for both an isotope weapon and a time machine, and build them as well. He hid both pieces of technology inside safety deposit boxes in the vault; this suggests that he either had enough resources to rent the boxes for 36 years, or that he had a high level of access to the vault.

The Engineer's fate is unknown.


Engineer E Boykins

Cameron looking for the safety deposit box belonging to E. Boykins. "Pilot"

The Engineer's name may have been E. Boykins as the keys to the safety deposit boxes containing the components needed to build the isotope weapon were stored in a box belonging to an E. Boykins. However, this is most likely not the real name of the Engineer, but probably served as his alias while working for the bank.[1]


Cameron:(takes an isotope solution out of a safety deposit box.)
John: Is that from the future?
Cameron: You can't bring anything through when you come. (starts building weapon out of items they've taken out of safety deposit boxes) Not weapons, not clothing, nothing. You send someone back to build it.
John: What is it?
Cameron:(turns on the weapon) Hope.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Pilot"
Sarah:(looking at weapon Cameron just built) That'd better be what I think it is.
Cameron: One of our best engineers. Took him eight months to scavenge the parts.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Pilot"
Cameron:(starts pulling out time displacement equipment out of the vault)
Sarah: What is that?
Cameron: The Engineer got a job building the vault. So we'd always have a way back home.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Pilot"
Sarah: Is that nuclear?
Cameron: No, not really.
The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Pilot"


  • It is heavily implied that The Engineer is a member of the Resistance, as Cameron refers to him as "one of our best engineers". She also says that he built the vault so that "we'd always have a way back home." That said, it's never explicitly confirmed that he is a member of the Resistance.
  • It's also heavily implied that the same engineer built both the time displacement equipment and the isotope weapon. Cameron refers to the builder of the isotope weapon as "one of our best engineers" and later says, "The Engineer got a job building the vault."