Texas is the 28th state in the United States of America.

Texas in Terminator[edit | edit source]

Tempest timeline[edit | edit source]

On its return trip from Mexico, C890.L passed through the small town of Utopia, Texas. The Terminator: The Enemy Within issue 1

The future records obtained by Dudley, possibly through inter-telecom via the Machine, revealed that John Connor was born at Odessa Hospital in Texas. The Terminator: Endgame issue 2 However, in the alternate timeline, it was Jane Connor born here. The Terminator: Endgame issue 3

T2 Trilogy timeline[edit | edit source]

Sarah Connor, John, and Dieter von Rossbach passed through Tamaulipas, a state of Mexico on the Texas border to gather some weapons from a Connor cache and connect with a contact of Sarah's. T2: Infiltrator

According to Enrique Salceda, Carlos moved to Austin and was probably playing guitar. T2: Infiltrator

Mary Fay Skinner, in one of the Skynet-controlled vehicles, was driving along Route 10, Texas. T2: The Future War

Salvation timeline[edit | edit source]

Marcus Wright was imprisoned and executed in Longview State Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Texas. Terminator Salvation

Simon arrived in Houston in 2003 after time travel, while the New Terminators arrived in Dallas. Both side were to seek Thomas Parnell in Texas. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle

Genisys timeline[edit | edit source]

During the Nacogdoches Offensive, John Connor gave Sarah's photo to Kyle Reese when they were alone. Terminator Genisys

Dark Fate timeline[edit | edit source]

After the successful termination of John Connor, Carl and his wife Alicia and their son Mateo lived in Texas, where he started his own business Carl's Draperies.

Dani Ramos, Sarah Connor, and Grace Harper would later cross the border of Mexico and United States, arriving Texas — only to get arrested by Border Patrols due to the Rev-9, who hijacked a control center and provided false intelligence to the Border Patrol. The group were later transferred to a detention center, where the Rev-9 infiltrated and massacred guards, before the group managed to escape the facility with a helicopter.

Afterwards, Dani, Sarah, and Grace finally arrived Carl's home. Terminator: Dark Fate

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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