Terminator Genisys is a 5th installment, posing as Sequel/Reboot and it's nicknames for it is Terminator 5:Genisys,T5 or Terminator 5:A New Chapter.

At Current events we discuss fundamental things about this Wiki or the Terminator saga as a whole. Feel free to make proposal on how things can be done there. You can also use the Discussion on every article to discuss things regarding only the article.

Naming convention of articlesEdit

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In those cases where several things have the same name you can also create a disambiguation-page. In the case above, this would be named Terminator (disambiguation).

On this page you list all the items with the exact name, (without the product type) and add a short description on each. Like this:

Remember!!! On every article which are listed in a disambiguation-page, remember to add a link back to the disambiguation-page as well. This should be on the top of the article. Like this:


Which will show:

The name or term "Terminator" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Terminator (disambiguation).

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