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Terminator Salvation is a third-person video game on the PC, PS3, 360, and iPhone, developed by Halcyon Games and GRIN, and published by Evolved Games (Japan by Taito). It is the official game tie-in, based on the fourth film. It was released in May 2009, and serves as a bridge between the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Salvation. The soundtrack to the game was done by Trond Viggo-Melssen and it features references to well-known themes such as the Terminator Theme and the T-1000 motif.

Set in 2016 in Los Angeles, the game follows John Connor as he is a frontline soldier in the Resistance. Rose McGowan voiced the game-exclusive character Angie Salter, an ex-high school teacher who survived Judgment Day.

It features machines from the movie and ones specifically designed for the game.

The game was not well-received, and got mixed to negative reviews from critics.


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The game begins with the war between humans and machines. John Connor reflects on the old days of preparing for the future battle, but is beginning to lose hope by the massive number of human losses. Returning to an evac point with Blair Williams and other soldiers, they battle their way through machines to discover that there are no helicopters waiting for them. Escaping in trucks instead, the group are attacked by a Hunter-Killer aircraft. After John Connor manages to destroy the aircraft, a T-600 appears and kills a member of his team. Although they find the trucks and drive away, a T-600 kills the driver of one of the vehicles and chases after the Resistance fighters. Blair and John destroy the machine.

The team travels underground, then above again, battling machines. Marks is killed by an ambush from machines, but the surviving trio manages to reach the evac point, meeting soldiers. Aerostats attack, and Connor, Williams, Rogers and others go outside to take care of them. Rogers is killed in the ensuing battle. A Resistance team led by soldier David Weston asks for help, but transmission is lost. The team then tries to make a landing place for the chopper. The chopper, lands, rescues the team, but Connor and Williams stay behind to rescue Weston's team. Luckily, the duo survives an attack by a Harvester, which destroys the choppers. They escape the harvester by going into the sewers.

A rescue team, Epsilon, has a chopper going down, so the duo checks for survivors. They rescue four soldiers, Angie Salter, an unknown, Deckard, and Dobkin. They fight a legion of machines, with one soldier dead. They decide to head for an old Resistance outpost, resupply there, and separate - The duo going to Skynet while the other team going to head for safety. Deckard is killed by a T-600, and the team is forced to retreat. They manage to destroy two T-600s. They have to retreat, but with no way out, the team are forced to destroy the T-600s. Dobkin is mortally injured in the process, leaving the three of them left.

The three continue to go to Skynet while defending themselves. They decide to go to a tower so they can see Skynet patrols to plan a route to rescue Weston. They encounter Infiltrator T-600s with rubber skin, which the trio destroy. Connor warns the other two about the T-800, which has real full-covered skin. They reach the tower. They encounter a Hunter-Killer, but Connor, Williams and Angie manage to destroy it. There are too many machines on the street, so the three decide to go to Union Station to the subway, following all tracks to Skynet. They make it to the subway.

They traverse their way to a hidden survivalist camp. They seem to, at first, not trust them (because of the T-600 skin jobs), but they manage to gain their trust. They say they have not been encountered with Skynet for a long time. The leader, named Warren, leads him to Barnes, who will supply them. Machines come, and Connor, Williams and Barnes fight off the machines while Warren and Angie evacuate the area. Barnes reveals that machines actually come every two months. They destroy the machines by detonators, and everybody evacuates by train. Connor and Williams defend the train by missile laucher. They stop to rescue other people from machines and succeed. They escape, but the train derails, so they go on foot to a truck depot, rendezvouing with other soldiers. Warren drives a school bus, while Connor and Williams defend the bus. They save the bus. They separate ways, but Warren is says they can visit them anytime. Warren still has doubts of their plan, saying that they could not communicate as long as a Skynet communications tower is still standing. Barnes joins the three, saying he's tired of running.

Battling numerous machines to infiltrate the Skynet compound, the alarm is accidentally triggered when Connor steals important documentation. Whilst Barnes sets up the explosives, Connor, Angie and Blair hold off T-600s and T-7-S. With the explosives successfully going off, they run in to the elevator to escape. However, with the control panel located outside, Angie sacrifices herself so that John Connor and the others can return to the surface. John is troubled with guilt, but Blair explains he had helped Angie to fight, and she believed he could help the humans win.

Connor is fixing what appears to be a vehicle. He calls his base (answered by teammate Linda,) saying he needs airpower to rescue Weston's team. Linda says it is going to be a problem, because of a harvester. That won't be a problem, Connor says, because Connor reprogrammed a HK-Tank, and programmed it to go straight to Skynet. He does not have control of the guns, though. Warren's team returns, and apologizes.

They first have to locate and destroy Skynet's anti-aircraft turrets. They destroy four area of turrets and machines, but the tank took too much damage. Connor suggests that they could deactivate them on foot. Connor, Williams and Barnes is joined by three men to deactivate the turrets and find Weston's men. Warren and the others guard Connor by destroying as many machines as possible.

They traverse Skynet and destroy all machines, so they find Weston and his men. Warren's men will escort them to the vehicles, while Connor, Williams, Weston and Barnes go through the service tunnels to deactivate the turrets.

The four try to make it to the control room. Connor shuts them down for a few minutes, enough time to get them out of Skynet. The four attempts to escape Skynet before they destroy the base. They destroy the base, with the four safe, and return to their Resistance camp. Connor narrates, saying that he has gained faith by what he is about to create in the future, instead of the past.


  • The Halcyon Company has made a video game division for their company specifically for this game.
  • Common and Moon Bloodgood have approved their likenesses and recorded audio for the game's storyline. Christian Bale has refused.[1]
  • PC versions of this game had a printing error that prevented them from being installed onto Windows based operating systems. The first wave of CDs were recalled.

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