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Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Novelization is a novelization of the film Terminator Salvation. The novel is written by Alan Dean Foster, based on the movie script written by John Brancatto and Michael Ferris.


Publisher's summary[]

The eagerly awaited fourth Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation, starring Christian Bale and directed by McG, reaches cinemas on 22 May 2009.

In a brand-new chapter in the Terminator chronicles, Judgment Day has come to pass and Skynet has destroyed much of the world’s population. In this post-apocalyptic world, the Resistance, led by John Connor, continues its brutal fight for survival.

The official novelisation will provide readers with the full story of this much-anticipated movie - a must for all Terminator fans!

Back cover[]

The End Begins...

The official Novelization of the much-anticipated movie Terminator Salvation, starring Christian Bale.

In a fresh chapter in the Terminator saga, Judgment Day has come to pass and Skynet has destroyed much of the world's population. In this post-apocalyptic world, Resistance fighter John Connor and teenager Kyle Reese continue their brutal fight for survival.

The incredible story of the brand-new movie!


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Note: The novel shares the same story with the film Terminator Salvation, although there are differences between the two.

Characters and Machines[]

Resistance and affiliates Skynet Other Vehicles


  • The official ending of the story is not included in the novelization. The ending of the story went online on the Titan Books Website on May 21, 2009.

Differences between the film and novel[]

  • In the film, Marcus listens to the song "Rooster" by Alice in Chains when he gets the Jeep to start. In the novel, the song is "Us and Them" by Pink Floyd.
  • As soon as the T-RIP bursts from the cell, John shoots its face off. This is based on an alternate scene,[1] which would have been included in the film in case Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to lend his likeness to the film.
  • Instead of John reviving Marcus first, John destroys the T-RIP instead of Marcus. The two escape the Skynet Central, with Marcus badly damaged, but survived.




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