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Terminator Salvation were released for home marked on both DVD and Blu-ray disc on November 23, 2010 in UK and December 1, 2009 in US. It were distributed by Warner Bros Home Entertainment for the US marked (Region 1), by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for Region 2 and Excel Media for Region 6. Target Stores is currently the only retailer to sell the Director's Cut version on DVD.

Release dates[]

  • Nov 23rd, 2009 (United Kingdom)
  • Dec 1st, 2009 (United States)
  • Dec 3th, 2009 (Taiwan)
  • Dec 6th, 2009 (Poland)


The Terminator Salvation DVD edition have been released as either stand-alone or together in a box set:

  • Terminator Salvation - keep case (1-Disc, theatrical version in either widescreen or full-screen.)[1]
  • Terminator Salvation - 4-movie box set (1-Disc, theatrical version.)[2]
  • Terminator Salvation - steelbook (Theatrical version in widescreen.)[3]
  • Terminator Salvation: Director's Cut - keep case (2-Disc, director's cut in widescreen)[4]
  • Terminator Salvation: Collector's Edition - Unknown (Currently unavailable.)[5]


  • Terminator Salvation: Director's Cut - Keep case (2-Disc, Director's Cut in widescreen) [6]
  • Terminator Salvation: Director's Cut (Limited Edition Skull Case) - Keep case (2-Disc, Director's Cut in widescreen)[7]
  • Terminator Salvation: Director's Cut - Steelbook (Director's Cut)[8]
  • Terminator Salvation: Limited Edition - Box (2-Disc, Director's Cut in widescreen, model of a Moto-Terminator.)[9]
  • Terminator Salvation: Special Edition - Box (Model of a skull)[10]
  • Terminator Salvation: Special Edition - Keep case[11]


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