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Issue #0

Terminator Salvation: Movie Preview is a comic book, also called Terminator Salvation Movie Adaption[1] published by IDW Publishing. The cover also has the line saying Official Movie Preview on the top. The comic is based on the motion picture written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, adapted to comic book by Jeff Mariotte. Art and coverdesign by Don Figueroa. Coloring by Art Lyon.


The story retells the first part of Terminator Salvation. Starting from where Marcus Wright gets sentenced back in 2003 and ending right before meeting Kyle Reese and Star in Los Angeles in 2018.

Known differences from the movie adaptation[]

  • In general, the dialog is slightly different, but nothing that changes anything.
  • Serena Kogan looks much healthier than she does in the film.
  • The T-1 seen attacking Resistance fighters in Skynet VLA was never in the PG-13 Theatrical Version of Terminator Salvation. However, that exact scene from the comic is in the R-Rated Director's Cut Version of Terminator Salvation
  • When facing Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese uses a handgun without bullets instead of a shotgun.
  • The HK-Aerial seen in the adaption used the design of the Hunter-Killer Aerial Weapons Platform from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, rather than the HK-Aerial design from Terminator Salvation film and merchandise. The Transport also shares this design, minus weapons and the rear engine.
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