Terminator Dreams

Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams

Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams is a 2003 novel by Aaron Allston.


Despite the sacrifice of a T-850 and the heroic efforts of John Connor and Kate Brewster, Skynet became operational.

It is now 2029 AD, and the war between the human Resistance and Skynet rages on. With small guerrilla forces, John and Kate continue to sabotage and destroy Skynet forces... but it's not enough.

Before Judgment Day, Danny Avila helped to program what became Skynet and was plagued by nightmares of Terminators destroying cities and decimating mankind. He disappeared two days before Judgment Day, and didn't resurface until Kate and John discovered him years later. Danny still can't remember what happened to him just before Skynet attacked.

He has this nagging feeling that he has forgotten something very important. Despite this memory lapse, he has become a vital member of the Resistance.

Horrible dreams have begun to haunt him again. Could these dreams be a psychic link to his past self? John Connor has an idea: If Danny past and present can communicate, perhaps they can help the Resistance gain an edge and defeat Skynet. But to accomplish such a connection would place Danny at tremendous physical and emotional risk. It's a dangerous experiment, but one that might prove the salvation of mankind's future... and the death of Danny. [1]


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  • Events in this novel span in-depth from 2003 to 2029



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