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Terminator 3: The Redemption is a video game based on the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It was released by Atari in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube consoles.

With the commercial failure of the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines video game, Atari was hard-pressed to create another Terminator game based on the third movie. The sub-title Redemption is said to reflect both the "redemption" of the Terminator's mission half-way through the story and also to reflect a redemption for the Terminator franchise.


In 2032, a squad of Tech-Com soldiers stormed a Skynet facility just in time to stop a T-X from entering the Continuum Transporter. However, they were no match for the T-X's superior combat capabilities and all were gruesomely killed. The T-X managed to enter the Continuum Transporter without any fuss.

Meanwhile, Kate Connor and the Resistance ambushed the T-850 that was responsible for the death of John Connor. Rather than destroy the machine, Tech-Com's technician Daniel was called in to reprogram the Infiltrator to be sent back to 2003 to protect Kate and John's younger selves. Shortly after, Daniel was quickly killed by an FK Hover attacking the Resistance Headquarters, but the T-850 shos it down and it was sent by Kate to fight its way to the Continuum Transporter.

The T-850, with the assistance of several Tech-Com soldiers managed to fight its way to the main gate of the Skynet bunker, but it was forced to retreat when ambushed by two FK Hovers. It destroyed them both, but the helicopter its rode was shot down by a T-900, Skynet's standard infantry unit. The T-850 managed to reach the Skynet bunker again by taking control of a FK Tank, but a helicopter got the T-850 inside and it travelled back to 2003 to ensure the survival of John Connor and Katherine Brewster.

During the T-850's battle with the T-X in the Cyber Research Systems building, it was thrown into an electro-magnetic accelerator, which is revealed to be a primitive Continuum Transporter, and was sent back to an alternate 2032 where it discovered that both Kate and John had been terminated and humanity exterminated.

In this bleak reality, freed from the need to constantly fight off the Resistance, Skynet had been able to create a number of massive machines made to rebuild the planet in Skynet's image. In order to reach the Continuum Transporter, the T-850 first piloted an FK Venom through the ruined streets to reach a giant FK Titan. Hijacking the Titan, the Terminator then piloted it towards a parked FK Carrier. Boarding the Carrier, the T-850 managed to fight off several attacks before the vehicle was too damaged to fly, where it then crashed lands into a terraforming plant. The T-850 then piloted an FK Hover deep into the base, where it then used a Venom to catch up to and commandeer an escaping FK Bomber, which it then flied into the chamber of Continuum Transporter. Defeating the FK Guardian along with T-900 Terminators guarding the time machine and reactivating the device, the T-850 traveled back to the 2003.

However, not all was lost as the Terminator once again fought his way through Skynet and sent himself back to 2003. He appeared just in time to fight off the T-X with John and Kate trying to escape to Crystal Peak. By this time, the T-850 fought with not only the T-X, but other prototype T-800 units that were reprogrammed.

In the final moments, the T-850 was shot down by the T-X and his hydrogen fuel cells were ruptured, slowing him down. However, he prevented the T-X from reaching John and Kate by blocking her route to them, and eventually catched up to them and placed his fuel cell in the T-X's mouth, thus leading to the destruction of both Terminators.

However, John was later revealed to have found the Terminator's barely functioning Endoskull and he removed its processing chip, thus deactivating it.

During the Future War, an older John Connor reactivated the T-850 by placing its chip into an FK Reaper.

John Connor introduced himself and it is made clear to the T-850 in FK Reaper that they are now in the future and the T-850 has been "resurrected" into an extensively modified FK Reaper. John ordered the Terminator to provide cover fire and it stomps into battle, aiding the Human Resistance once again.

The game concludes with the words: "The battle has just begun...".


Tech-Com Skynet



Continuity notesEdit

  • The story of the game is an alternate version of the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as the game parallels most of the main events of Rise of the Machines film (albeit with a few modified scenes to reflect a faster pacing and more serious tone of the game), until reaching a plot twist at the middle. During the T-850's battle with the T-X in the Cyber Research Systems building, instead of losing the fight and being reprogrammed by the T-X, he is thrown into an electro-magnetic accelerator, which is revealed to be a primitive time displacement machine, and is sent back to an alternate future 2032.
  • John's birth date is 5/3/84 (May 3rd, 1984), which contradicts with the 2/28/1985 as seen in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This would mean John was born before the event in The Terminator, which took place on May 12th, 1984.
  • The date of Judgment Day is implied to be July 24, 2003, different to the date in Rise of the Machines film, which is set in 2004.
  • Different to the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines film, future John Connor was terminated by T-850 by surprise after it successfully intrude Tech-Com headquarter.
  • Instead of Hunter-Killer, Skynet's force is consisted of FK Series during the Future War. In addition, the design of T-850, T-900, and T-X are different to how they look in previous Terminator 3 fictions. T-850 has been largely redesigned and T-900 is an upgraded version of the T-850.



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