The term "Terminator 3000" should not be confused with T-3000.

Terminator 3000 was a planned animated film by Hannover House and Red Bear.

Pre-production information

Story details for Terminator 3000 are being kept under close wraps, but the writers and production team have a stated goal of minimizing violence in order to obtain a PG-13 level of material. Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment will release details of the production timing, financing and principal production personnel later this year, in advance of a proposed January, 2011 start.[1]

It has been reported that legal action has been taken by Pacificor (the current holder of the rights to the Terminator franchise) against Hannover House over the proposed Terminator 3000 film as Hannover House does not have authorization from Pacificor to create the film. Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House, argues that he holds the rights over animated forms of the Terminator saga due to an earlier agreement from his time with Hemdale; however, he also recognizes that they hold the intellectual property rights over several aspects of the series. It has been asserted by Pacificor that they will not support the film as they intend to continue the franchise with a live-action Terminator Genisys, but they will meet with representatives of Hannover House during the week of August 16 to decide the fate of the film.[2] The film has been placed on an indefinite hold. [3]


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