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Terminator 2: The New John Connor Chronicles is a series of books written by Russell Blackford. In these books (written from the perspective of John Connor), the protagonists are convinced they had prevented Skynet's creation, until a new Terminator arrives. Then, a group of soldiers from an alternate timeline are also transported to contemporary times. Neither John nor Sarah are entirely sure whether they are there to help them or the new Terminator, who is now hunting them.

Publishing infoEdit

The novels were published by I Books on July 30, 2002. Audience reception was mixed; many thought that the forward and backward "plot jumping" made the novels confusing, while others were impressed by the seeming indestructability of the new Terminator, the in-depth science behind time travel, and the introduction of the T-799[1].


Continuity notesEdit

The novel criss-cross between two realities, one that follows on from the film, and another more sinister one known as "Skynet's world" which gives an alternate plot from approximately halfway through the film.



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