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Terminator 2: Judgment Day received three DVD releases: a standard DVD edition, a later Ultimate Edition and a final Extreme DVD edition. The Ultimate Edition has the theatrical and special editions of Terminator 2, while the Extreme DVD edition has the extended special edition, and the theatrical version is only available on an Easter egg. The Ultimate Edition is currently discontinued, probably in favor of the Extreme & "Skynet" Edition on Blu-ray disc.

On the Extreme DVD, in order to watch the theatrical cut, for the menu of Disc 1, one must go to "Sensory Control" and hit the right arrow on their DVD remote five times, which will then move to the right onto a panel that says "The future is not set". If the Enter button is pressed when the words are visible, the menu (and the scene selection menu) will change to the theatrical version.

T2 is the only one of the 3 films to get a Collector's Edition. It contains 4 discs (one of which being a Blu-ray) all of which are stored in a T-800 Endoskull bust. The bust contains lights and sounds. The sounds include effects of guns and explosions, the lights are the eyes of the Endoskull.

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