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Josh Friedman, Showrunner

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Zack Stenz (aka The Turk), Writer

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Bear McCreary, Music Composer

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Summer Glau, Actor

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Josh Friedman, Ashley Edward Miller, Dan Thomsen

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James Middleton, Executive Producer

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Season 3 Plans[edit | edit source]

James Middleton revealed that the following had been planned for Season 3[1]:

  • John Connor would have grown close with Allison Young.
  • John's destiny would have been explored and how in the new reality he was not leading the Resistance.

The DVD commentaries also revealed some information regarding the plans for season 3:

Thomas Dekker revealed additional information[2]:

  • Savannah Weaver would have appeared in 2026, and there would have been a love triangle between her, Allison Young and John.
  • Sarah Connor may or may not have appeared in this future.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The examination of current John's destiny set in the literary subgenre Dying Earth of 2026 would have been a comparison similar to either the movie It's a Wonderful Life where current John learns of a world without him as did George Bailey [actor James Stewart], or the Charles Dicken's classic cautionary tale A Christmas Carol where John learns from 'Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come' Catherine Weaver his legacy to the future yet to be without him as did Ebenezer Scrooze.
  • Without John Connor to lead the Resistance after JD Sarah Connor assumes the role of Resistance leader to fulfil her promise to John as given in the "Pilot". {story 1/1.01} The voice heard at the end of "Born to Run" {story 2/2.22} saying: "I love you too." is a story of undying love. It is from a now elderly Sarah watching and waiting for her son, current John, to return to her in the future.
  • The TSCC future setting given at the end of "Born to Run" {story 2/2.22} is an apocalyptic environment similar to H.G Wells science fiction novella "The Time Machine" in which the future world is divided between the Morlocks (Skynet) and the Eloi(Catherine Weaver AI Resistance). The conflict for current John will be (Who will be Weena: Allison or Riley.) Eventually, current John will have to leave the future to return to the present and leave his Weena behind.

Press release[edit | edit source]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles did not make Fox's 2009-2010 Schedule. See Season 3/Press release for detail.

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