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This is a timeline of events as portrayed in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Due to differences in the timeline, a unique timeline is warranted to catalog the events; this is the A3 timeline.

The show is a continuation after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It is a completely alternate timeline from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, suggesting that if Sarah Connor had not died in 1997 from cancer that these events would take place.

Despite being a continuation of the events of the first two films, this continuity has several changes to the timeline of those films' events. For instance, this continuity places that events of The Terminator in 1983 (rather than 1984) and the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1997 (rather than 1995).

Note: Lack of actual dates given for events, and unspecified changes in continuity dates, makes this timeline not 100% accurate. It is notably unclear when events shift from 2007 to 2008, and when in 2008 any of the events take place. Some inconsistencies cause additional confusion.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline Edit

This is the timeline established in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, alternate from films.


  • 1920
    • December 31
      • Terminator Myron Stark arrives in a Los Angeles speakeasy during a malfunction of the TDE. Inadvertently killing the architect of the Pico Plaza tower, where it was intended to terminate Governor Mark Wyman in 2010. A fire ignites, and a photograph is taken in the aftermath, capturing Stark. The photograph is later seen in a library by Cameron in 2007.[1]
  • 1925
    • Myron Stark terminates the primary opposition to his acquisition of the property at Pico Plaza, clearing the way for it to ensure construction of the tower where it will attempt to terminate the governor in 2010.
  • 1963
  • c. 1963 - 1966
  • 1983
  • 1994
    • Sarah is admitted into Pescadaro Mental Hospital after trying to destroy a Cyberdyne factory. John goes into foster care, eventually ending up living with Todd and Janelle Voight. (Date unconfirmed in this timeline. These events possibly take place in 1996 rather than 1994.)
  • 1995
    • Derek Reese is born at some point in this time-frame.
  • 1997
    • June 8 - Sarah Connor signed away her legal rights as John's parent, which is recorded (and later viewed by John in 2007). She then attempted her escape, which is the same date that John and the T-800 came to get her.[5]
    • June 8–10 - The events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day take place.[6][7] (Note that this changes the events of T2 from 1995 to 1997.)
  • 1998
    • For a brief period of time, John and Sarah Connor stay in the unincorporated community of Garberville in Humboldt County, CA. As stated in "Episode 219: Today Is The Day, Part 2", they described the town as a community of pot growers where John was constantly was getting in to fights with local kids and Sarah worked as a waitress at the Eel River Cafe serving pancakes. The town is noted for having one Sequoia and three Sages.

1999 Edit

  • 1999
    • The Connors have settled down believing they have averted Judgment Day. Meanwhile, Sarah remains on the FBI's most wanted list for having allegedly killed Miles Dyson; Agent James Ellison is in charge of her case.
    • February
    • June 29
      • Cameron arrives to the past from 2027, to protect John Connor.
    • August 24
      • Sarah and John leave Charley shortly after becoming engaged.
    • September 6
      • John starts school in Red Valley, New Mexico and meets reprogrammed Terminator, Cameron, who is posing as a classmate
    • September 7
      • Cromartie impersonates a substitute teacher and opens fire at John's school. John is protected by Cameron.
    • September 8
      • John, Sarah, and Cameron drive to Terissa Dyson to seek her help; they get to her house sometime past midnight (so technically, on September 9).
    • September 9

1999 - 2006 Edit

  • 1999 to 2006
    • During this period, Sarah and John Connor are believed to be dead, killed in the explosion that levelled the bank as they time-jumped to 2007 and (temporarily) destroyed Cromartie. Presumably "Cameron Phillips" is similarly believed dead, either killed in the explosion as well (after apparently holding up the bank at gunpoint) or shot to death at the school.
    • Charley Dixon, moves to Los Angeles, and becomes a hero for his paramedics work. He also marries another woman.
    • Enrique becomes informer for the FBI, to gain a pardon.
    • Agent James Ellison becomes a respected detective.
  • 2002
  • 2005
    • According to Cameron, Sarah was originally to die of cancer this year, but this year has been bypassed due to her time travelling from 1999.
  • c. 2006

2007 - 2010 Edit

c. 2027 Edit

  • c. 2027
    • John Henry, Catherine Weaver, and John Connor arrive from 2008. This creates a new timeline 2008-2027 in which John Connor is not the leader of the Resistance and no one knows his name. To be continued ... (Post - "Episode 222: Born to Run").

Note: It is unknown what happened next due to the series being canceled.

Possible future Edit

Note: It's possible that these events have been changed due to the events in the series. These events took place in Derek, Jesse, and Riley's past.

  • 2008
    • July 22
      • Allison Young is possibly born.[21] (Note: Since Alison's mother is noticeably pregnant at the end of 2007, either Alison lied about her date of birth, or her mother is pregnant with Alison's sister.)
  • 2010
    • December 31
      • California Governor Mark Wyman makes a New Year's Eve keynote speech at Pico Plaza. (Myron Stark went back in time to terminate Wyman during this speech, but was stopped by Cameron in 2007.[22])
  • 2011
    • April 19
    • April 21
      • Judgment Day
      • Kyle and Derek Reese witness the launch of U.S. missiles while playing ball in their yard. Derek takes his younger brother underground for safety before the counterstrike.
  • 2013
    • Sarah Connor was originally fated to die of cancer in 2005, six years after 1999. If she is not able to avoid this fate, she can expect to die six years after 2007 (presuming, of course, other events such as Judgment Day itself don't alter this scenario).
  • 2015
  • 2021
    • Kyle Reese, and John Connor escape Century Work Camp.
    • November 14
      • John Connor turns 30 and celebrates with Derek Reese. John gets drunk.[24] (Note that this presumes that John time-traveled forward eight years in Derek's timeline. If John did not time-travel in Derek's timeline, then John's thirtieth birthday would be in 2013.)
  • 2026
    • Battle of Kansas Bunker
    • Resistance fighter Allison Young captured, interrogated and killed by Terminator Cameron.
    • December 8
      • The Battle of Avila Beach - Humans regain control of Serrano Point from Skynet control
  • 2027
    • Derek Reese, Sayles, Billy Wisher and others are captured while tracking "a Centaur patrol". They are imprisoned with other humans in a house guarded by Series 600 terminators and subjected to unknown psychological torture/testing. This is presumably where Derek meets Cameron Phillips or a model like her or senior Grey collaborator Charles Fisher for the first time.[25]
    • Billy reveals his true identity as Andy Goode, and the part he played in the creation of Skynet.
    • Terminator Cameron attempts infiltration of John Connor's base camp, is discovered, captured, and re-programmed.
    • John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1983, to protect his mother (as seen in The Terminator).
    • Derek and company are unceremoniously released/abandoned by their captors without explanation.
    • Jesse Flores meets Derek Reese at Eagle Rock Bunker, they find Sidney Field, bring her back to the Serrano Point base camp where Lauren Field is working.
    • September 13 - USS Jimmy Carter, a submarine operated by the Resistance and Captained by T-888 Queeg with Jesse, is sent deep into a Skynet controlled zone where it evades the Skynet warship Kraken and later docks at a Deep Sea Oil Platform near Indonesia and recover a package from a Series 600 infiltrator and two Series 888 endoskeletons. Jesse loses Derek's child. On return to base, she is debriefed by Cameron and learns question to the answer "No".
    • Derek Reese meets re-programmed Terminator Cameron and "The Rogue" Terminator.
    • Derek Reese has meeting with future John Connor.
    • Four resistance fighters, including Derek Reese, are sent back to 2007 to aid the young John Connor, and his mother.
    • Derek operating on his own agenda intends to prevent the creation of Skynet by murdering Andy Goode and other persons identified as critical to the creation of Skynet.
    • Another resistance fighter, known only as The Engineer, is sent back to 1963 to presumably facilitate Cameron's mission 33 years later.
    • Cameron is sent back to 1999 to protect the Connors (her mission parameters likely include time-jumping Sarah and John to 2007).
    • Resistance fighter Wells sent back to 2008 with information for Sarah & Co. Only survives long enough to write info on Sarah's basement wall.
    • Jesse Flores and Riley Dawson go 'AWOL' back to 2007.

Timeline Difficulties, Anomalies, and ChangesEdit

Kyle Reese's MissionEdit

  • Kyle Reese in The Terminator reveals to Sarah that he came from the year 2029. As shown in Derek Reese's flash forward/flash back seen in Dungeons & Dragons, it reveals he was sent back in the year 2027, two years before what the movie states. This is probably due to his and Sarah's efforts to prevent Judgment Day.
    • The differences in the dates may be explained a few different ways: Either the timeline was altered due to the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and/or "Pilot", or the writers of TSCC failed to take into account the two years that Kyle spent in Recon/Security directly under Connor (2027-2029), after his tenure with Perry (2021-2027).

Kyle Reese's birthEdit

  • Events in "What He Beheld" establish a different birthdate for Kyle Reese from that established in The Terminator as 2008. As shown in Derek's flash-forward to the SCC Judgment Day placing him at age 8, and stating in the SCC "present" he is age 5, the revised birthdate must be in 2002.

The Terminator Events/John's BirthEdit

  • The first Terminator movie clearly takes place in 1984, with John's birth happening sometime later that year or in early 1985 (February 1985 is the birth date given in Terminator 2). Dates given in "Automatic for the People" show that John's would have been 16 on November 14, 1999, making his DOB November 14, 1983, moving The Terminator back to taking place in the Winter/Spring of 1983

John's Age During Terminator 2's EventsEdit

  • The television series states that John is fifteen during the start of the show. Since it starts in 1999 (before they leap to 2007), John would have to have been about thirteen (going on fourteen) years old during the events of Terminator 2. This actually works with opening monologue of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines saying that John was 13 during that period, both of which go against the 1985 birth date seen on screen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day making him a rather foul mouthed 9 or 10 year old.

How many years after Terminator 2?Edit

  • Dialog in "Pilot" (John saying that it's been almost two years) and in "The Turk" (2007 being the 10th anniversary of Miles Dyson's death) make it two years from 1999 back to 1997.

Illness and death of Sarah ConnorEdit

  • The opening of T3 establishes that Connor died of terminal leukemia in 1997, having been diagnosed three years earlier (which suggests a T2 date of no later than 1994 as no reference to her having leukemia is made in the film). However the TV series has shown her to be alive and apparently well (as a doctor is later unable to find any indication of cancer) in 1999. It should be noted Cameron indicates in "Gnothi Seauton" that she was originally fated to die of cancer in 2005.

Kate Brewster's AbsenceEdit

  • It is generally accepted in the movie franchise's T3 & T4 timeline that Kate Brewster becomes John Connor's wife, and a leader of Tech-Com. John meets her at the age of 13, as told in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, at a make-out party the day before the events of T2 begin. As Terminator 3 is almost completely ignored in this show, Kate Brewster's role in this timeline is undetermined. Though as they time jump 8 years into the future, Kate, born 5 years before John, would be 13 years older than John making a relationship a little less likely.

Derek ReeseEdit

  • Derek Reese is Kyle Reese's brother in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. He does not appear in the films. It is unknown whether the events of Terminator 2 caused his birth or if he died off-screen in the Terminator 3 timeline.


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