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The first season of this television series commenced airing in the United States on Sunday, January 13, 2008 on the U.S. television network Fox, and contained 9 episodes. It tells a new story in the Terminator franchise, branching out from the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (ignoring the events of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) following the efforts of Sarah and John Connor to prevent Judgment Day from happening.

This season was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2008 for the Best Network Television Series, Best Actress on Television (Lena Headey), and Best Supporting Actress on Television (Summer Glau).

This season was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 19, 2008.

Season Summary[]

Prompted by the return of terminators into their lives, Sarah and John Connor decide to stop running and focus on preventing the launch of Skynet. They are aided by Cameron, a terminator who poses as a student at John's school, and transports herself and the Connors into the year 2007. With not only the terminators, but also FBI agent James Ellison out to get them, they set out to try stopping Skynet, once and for all.


Season 1 cast

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Main characters[]

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Recurring characters[]

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Opening Monologue[]

"In the future, my son will lead mankind in a war against Skynet. A computer system programmed to destroy the world. It has sent machines back through time. Some to kill him, one to protect him. Today we fight to stop Skynet from ever being created. To change our future. To change his fate. The war to save man kind begins now."

Note: The opening monologue video can be found on the discussion page.

Episode List[]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pilot01 Episode 101: Pilot Writer: Josh Friedman Director: David Nutter January 13, 2008 #101
Sarah Connor struggles to keep her 15 year old son John safe from an enemy terminator from the future and stop the rise of the machines. She uproots their lives and takes him to live in a small town in New Mexico where he befriends Cameron, an enigmatic and otherworldly high school student, who ultimately becomes his protector. Meanwhile, FBI agent James Ellison is hot on their trail but may become a powerful ally.
Terminator-GnothiSeauton Episode 102: Gnothi Seauton Writer: Josh Friedman Director: David Nutter January 14, 2008 #102
Sarah, John and Cameron infiltrate a resistance safe-house and discover they are not alone; Agent Ellison realizes that Sarah is still alive; a dangerous person from Sarah's past reawakens.
Theturk10 Episode 103: The Turk Writer: John Wirth Director: Paul Edwards January 21, 2008 #103
Sarah pays a visit to Miles Dyson's widow looking for Skynet's creators. Her search leads her to Andy Goode, a cell phone salesman who also happens to also be the inventor of a chess playing computer known as "The Turk." Sarah has to make a tough decision regarding her friendship with Goode. Meanwhile, John and Cameron try their best to assimilate on their first day at the new high school and John is conflicted about his role as a hero. Agent James Ellison finds himself getting closer to the truth.
Heavymetal3 Episode 104: Heavy Metal Writer: John Enbom Director: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan February 4, 2008 #104
When Sarah, Cameron and John track down stolen cargo, they become separated from John leading him to discover the future isn't as safe as he had hoped. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison's murder investigation leads him to an interesting suspect.
Queensgambit1 Episode 105: Queen's Gambit Writer: Natalie Chaidez Director: Matt Earl Beesley February 11, 2008 #105
Sarah reevaluates the capabilities of her friend Andy's computer after he enters it in a chess competition. During the competition Sarah meets a stranger with a history similar to hers. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison finds remnants from a past terminator battle.
Dungeonsdragons1 Episode 106: Dungeons & Dragons Writer: Ashley Edward Miller & Zack Stentz Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt February 18, 2008 #106
Flashing in and out of consciousness, fighting for his life, Derek Reese recalls his future life battling the machines in 2027. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to explain the past to Charley.
SCC 107 cameron turbine Episode 107: The Demon Hand Writer: Toni Graphia Director: Charles Beeson February 25, 2008 #107
Paperwork from Sarah's time in Pescadero State Hospital leads her to Dr. Silberman. Ellison gets in deeper as he pursues recent leads.
Vickschip3 Episode 108: Vick's Chip Writer: Daniel T. Thomsen Director: J. Miller Tobin March 3, 2008 #108
Derek finds the brain chip from Vick that Cameron had kept. John builds an interface for it and they discover a computerized traffic system is important to Skynet. Sarah decides it must be sabotaged. Meanwhile, Cromartie is checking through school records in search of John.
Whathebeheld1 Episode 109: What He Beheld Writer: Ian B. Goldberg Director: Mike Rohl March 3, 2008 #109
Sarah finds herself in a business transaction with a mysterious business man. Meanwhile, Cromartie closes in on John and Agent Ellison discovers a nemesis at the agency.

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