Terminator: Infinity, originally known as Terminator 2: Infinity, is a comic book published by Dynamite Entertainment in July 2007 by the creator Simon Furman and Nigel Raynor.

Despite the title, this comic is set after the events of the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The plot opens after Judgment Day in 2009. John Connor meets Uncle Bob, a Terminator sent back to help John become the leader he was meant to be.

The series is concluded in Terminator: Revolution.

Main characters[edit | edit source]

Terminator 2: Infinity Volume #1[edit | edit source]

This series consist of five issues.

Issue #1[edit | edit source]


The year is 2033. Skynet's last surface installation has been overrun by the Resistance. The core of Skynet is still intact. Skynet notices the primary timeline is out of balance. While running simulation of alternate timelines, they discover several paths which caused the anomaly. A fourth path is discovered which happens to be the main cause of the unbalanced timeline. Skynet initiates time travel of the T-Infinity prototype to correct this path.

Back on July 17. 2009. John Connor leaves Crystal Peak after the death of Kate Brewster a year ago. Thinking about how Skynet won and mankind was wiped out. John Connor goes to Los Angeles, California to meet up with the human resistance. In his first confrontation with Terminators and a HK-Aerial, he is saved by man called Uncle Bob.

Issue #2[edit | edit source]


Uncle Bob turns out to be a Terminator sent back to help John Connor become the leader he was meant to be. At a subway John and Uncle Bob meet other resistance working on a transmitter to make contact with other humans. Suddenly the T-Infinity appears, and Uncle Bob starts fighting it to protect John. To avoid being killed, Uncle Bob destroys the building over the T-Infinity with a X90 Phase-Plasma rifle, and they run away. The T-Infinity is not destroyed by the building, but relocates itself nearby.

Issue #3[edit | edit source]


Together with the human resistance, John and Uncle Bob join forces and head to an abandoned radio station called "Epiphany" to find a way of contacting other humans. When arriving at the station, they discover an aerial H-K landing platform nearby which they have to destroy in order to not be discovered themselves when transmitting the homing signal. Leaving the rest behind at the radio station, John Connor, Uncle Bob and four others try to take out the aerial H-K landing field. They succeed, but three fighters lose their lives. When arriving back, the remaining fighters have discovered the truth about Uncle Bob being a Terminator. They start to doubt John Connor's intentions.

Issue #4[edit | edit source]


After discovering that Uncle Bob is a Terminator, the rest of the resistance wants to kill John, since they don't known which side he is really on. Before they manage to kill John Connor, Uncle Bob saves him. Still in doubt, they believe John Connor's story of meeting Terminators earlier in his life. Also, he did help them take out the aerial H-K landing field nearby. As they decide to leave the radio station, they discover that someone heard the homing signal. With them Tara Holden, a earlier marine sergeant, has taken charge of a group of soldiers close to the radio station. Together with Tara they plan to get more weapons from a factory in Denver controlled by Skynet. With help from Uncle Bob, John Connor and the others learn the secret of getting inside the factory. Once inside, the T-Infinity again appears and start fighting Uncle Bob. At last the T-Infinity defeats Uncle Bob and the fight is over.

Issue #5[edit | edit source]


After Uncle Bob is defeated, John Connor again start feeling alone. Standing off against the T-Infinity, he out of rage starts shooting at it, but the T-Infinity just leaves without fighting. The alarm at the factory sets off, and they all have to leave quickly - but John Connor wants to stay. He feel he's lost all motivation to keep fighting. Tara Holden and the others are leaving the factory, only to face HK-Tanks, while John Connor wants to blow up the factory without escaping. Surrounded by several H-K tanks, Tara Holden thinks all hope is lost and they will all die. John Connor arrives at the last minute with a "Centurion" and destroys the other HK-Tanks, saving Tara Holden and the other soldiers.

Back at the "Epiphany" radio station, they realize lots of people heard the homing signal. Skynet concludes that two of the primary targets which corrupted the timeline have been destroyed by the T-Infinity prototype (Uncle Bob is the first target, the T-X is the second). Two primary targets still remain. The T-Infinity is recalled and starts simulating alternate timelines again. The next simulation target is Tara Connor, in the year 2015.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Series 800 Terminator in this timeline is activated at a certain point before 2015 instead of 2026.

Cover art[edit | edit source]

Each issue had three covers, each 1/3 of the print run:

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