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Terminator: Dark Fate The Game is a mobile game based on the 2019 film Terminator: Dark Fate. The game is released in November 2019.


Description from Venture Beat:

In Terminator: Dark Fate The Game, players will take command of a faction of Resistance fighters and will have to recruit and level-up units, research new technologies, build out their Resistance Base, and form alliances with other players — all while fending off attacks by hostile machines that roam the game world. Characters from the film will guide the player.
The game is targeting global mobile gaming audiences and fans of the Terminator series for worldwide release. It is a midcore free-to-play massively multiplayer online strategy game with a focus on player-versus-player combat and player alliances.
The game monetizes via in-app-purchases. Gamers can spend real money to purchase resources, energy, various speed-ups, equipment, upgrades, city buffs, decorative base skins, and all kinds of special packages catered to different stages. The purchases are mainly designed to save time. If they choose, patient gamers can also play the game without spending a single dollar as the game gives out plenty of rewards to very active and diligent gamers.


Development began in 2017 when Skydance reached out to Firefly Games to create a mobile game.[1]





  1. Quote from Firefly Games CEO: "We started out two years ago after they reached out to us. We saw this as a great opportunity to work with Skydance." Source: interview with Venture Beat. September 27, 2019.