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The story is about the events that led up to the original Terminator movie. It begins when an air battle causes a human pilot to crash into a quiet village, previously untouched by the war. The dying pilot reveals that he has a recorder that contains crucial information on the machines' plans. At all costs, this device must be given to the humans' leader, John Connor.

The two young men who discovered the pilot set off, braving the devastation of the terminators in order to get the device to Connor. In Connor’s hands, the device reveals that the machines have found a way to travel back in time. So now, even though the humans are poised on the brink of victory, all their successes could be rewritten.


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Continuity notesEdit

  • Depending on how one reads it, this storyline might actually contradict previous NOW continuity. At the end of issue two, it is stated that the hard part of the war was basically over, and that all was left to do was to wipe out rogue machines. However, Skynet survives until at least 2041, nearly succeeding in annihilating humanity.


  • This was the last NOW Terminator storyline before the rights passed to Dark Horse Comics.
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