This page is about the unproduced animation series, for the concept to kill or destroy, see Terminate.

Termination was an upcoming animated television series about various points in the Terminator franchise [1]. It was first announced in January 2008 at a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles convention. It was to be released around the same time as Terminator Salvation.

The show would have featured a number of short animated features from different areas of the Terminator universe.

It appears, the only other animated series to tie with Terminator Salvation is the Terminator Salvation - The Machinima Series. [2]

As of August 13, 2010, Pacificor sent a cease and desist letter to Hannover House, a production company, for their Terminator 3000 animated film. The letter outlined that they have no plans for any other project besides the two or more live action movies envisioned before the rights to the Terminator franchise caused the series to be on a hiatus, with no mention of Termination. It is unknown if this project is in production, but it seems to be have been canceled.


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