Terminators are designed to terminate, in other words, to kill, other life forms.

The primary mission of Terminators is often to kill a specific individual, such as Sarah Connor or John Connor. Many Terminators have a secondary mission to kill key members of the Resistance, such as Kate Brewster, Martin Bedell, or several key lieutenants.

Terminators can target both humans and Terminators for termination. Several series of Terminators, such as the T-900 or T-X, are designed specifically to destroy other reprogrammed Terminators.

Targets for termination[edit | edit source]

Dark Horse Comic[edit | edit source]

The Terminator: Rampage[edit | edit source]

T2 Trilogy[edit | edit source]

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines[edit | edit source]

All of the following persons are targeted by the T-X:

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[edit | edit source]

T2 Saga[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Infinity

All of the following are targeted by the T-Infinity Terminator: Infinity

Terminator: Revolution

Terminator Salvation[edit | edit source]

  • Hugh Ashdown, listed as top priority along with other Resistance officer in USS Wilmington by Skynet
  • Dmitri Losenko, listed as top priority along with other Resistance officer in USS Wilmington by Skynet
  • Thomas Parnell, targeted by both Skynet and the Resistance

Terminator Genisys[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Dark Fate[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Resistance[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Cameron: You need to understand how it works.
John Connor: What?
Cameron: This chip. This body. This software is designed to terminate humans. The hardware is designed to terminate humans. That's our sole function.
John Connor: Not you.
Cameron: No, not anymore. But what was there is still there. And will always be there.
John Connor: So down deep, you wanna kill me.
Cameron: Yes, I do.
John Connor: Then why don't you?
Cameron: I might some day...
("Born to Run")

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