Tarissa Dyson was the wife of Miles Dyson. She is the mother of Danny and Blythe.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day[edit | edit source]

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T2 Trilogy novel[edit | edit source]

Rather that being misled over Miles' death, Tarissa was already aware that the SWAT team had killed Miles as the leader had told her before his death. T2: Infiltrator

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[edit | edit source]

After Miles' death, Terissa was mislead to believe that Sarah Connor had killed her husband, and she still blamed Connor years later. "Pilot"

By 1999, Sarah had come back with her son and another "robot". Terissa's first thought was to call the police but Sarah stopped her. She tried to explain that she wasn't responsible for Miles' death. She then asked if anyone knew of Miles' secret project. Terissa responds that she doesn't know, every bit of future technology was destroyed. When Cromartie approached the house, Terrisa allowed Sarah to take her van. "Pilot"

At a certain point in 2007, she met Sarah at Miles' grave, where Sarah asked her about which person may have connection to Miles. Terrisa mentioned there was a summer intern named Andy Goode at Cyberdyne Systems who worked with her husband and whom her husband liked. "The Turk"

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