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TOK715 is one of the two alpha-numeric designation that has been attributed to the Terminator Cameron. A promotional poster for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles states that Cameron is a "Terminator Class TOK715". This is the first time that the word class has been used to categorize a Terminator, which is usually identified by Series and/or Model number, although The Sarah Connor Chronicles has yet to use the word "Series" on the show.


It is unknown what the prefix TOK stands for (or if it's TOK or T0K), but it is speculated that 715 may actually be Cameron's Model number— that is, her human flesh sheath. This sheath is based on the appearance of Allison Young, a young member of the Resistance whom Cameron interrogated and killed in the future. Thus, 715 would refer to the Allison Young sheath, just as Model 101 refers to the Dieter von Rossbach / CMSgt William Candy (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sheath.

Model number is, thus far, the only feasible explanation for 715. It would most probably not refer to Cameron's series: T-715), as only the 800s and higher Terminator series used real human flesh coverings. Before the T-800, Terminators, most notably the T-600, used rubber skin and were easier to identify than living tissue.


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