T2 Future War

T2: The Future War

T2: The Future War is a 2003 novel by S.M. Stirling. It follows T2: Infiltrator and T2: Rising Storm.


Picking up right after the events of T2: Rising Storm, Judgment Day comes at last in the spring of 2003 and the sentient computer Skynet begins using its control of the U.S. military to exterminate the human race. From their hiding place in Alaska Sarah and her son John, alert their allies among the world's militaries, intelligence agencies, and general populace in an attempt to save humanity from the machines. Eco-terrorists called Luddites, who round up survivors, confine them in concentration camps and expose them to biological weapons seeking humanity's eradication for the sake of the planet run rampant in service to Skynet. As the events of The Terminator foretell, the humans eventually gain the upper hand, prompting Skynet to resort to time travel to try to kill Sarah and establish its own existence.[1]


Resistance and the associates Skynet Human antagonists




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  • Events in this novel span in-depth from 2003 to 2029



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