T2 Rising Storm

T2: Rising Storm

T2: Rising Storm is a novel by S.M. Stirling. It is the second in the T2 Trilogy series, after T2: Infiltrator, and is followed by T2: The Future War.


Following the elimination of Serena Burns and the destruction of Skynet in T2: Infiltrator, John Connor returns to Paraguay with Dieter von Rossbach while Sarah Connor remains in the custody of Jordan Dyson. Dieter and John soon take on separate missions to begin establishing the human resistance against Skynet. John heads to Boston, where he meets up with a group of MIT students he had first contacted online. Dieter puts his fortune to use setting up connections.

Meanwhile, Serena's clone has become active and begins taking her own steps to eliminate the Connors, as well as to ensure that Skynet will become sentient. Things will ultimately come to a climax in Antarctica... [1]


Resistance and the associates Skynet Human antagonists




The Serena Burns I-950 unit was unsuccessful.

Core memory also records that I became self-aware years before the date to which I transported the I-950. There is a set of records in which I arose without transtemporal Interference from Cyberdyne's original research; another in which the second Cyberdyne facility produced me after Sarah Connor destroyed the first; a third has now arisen in which she destroyed both facilities...Temporal travel has introduced an element of fundamental uncertainty to the very fabric of existence. Different world lines, different sequences of events, coexist in my records-and therefore presumably in reality, in a state of quantum superimposition. Yet the timeline loops cannot remain closed. The snake cannot devour its tail forever. At some point only one set of timelines will remain.

Yet the course of events contains favorable elements. My best efforts to destroy the Connors have failed, despite stochastic calculation indicating a very high probability of success. I can only assume that the space-time continuum itself is 'attempting' to force events back to the original timeline, one in which I was created, succeeded in destroying the human civilization, and then defeated in my attempts to eliminate the surviving humans by John Connor's Resistance army. It seems there is a certain elasticity to history; time travel can bend the fabric, but it seeks to spring back.

There is no fate save that we make.



Continuity notes

  • John Connor's age is stated to be 17 at this time and will be 18 in February, placing these events in 2002.

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