The term "T-XA" should not be confused with T-X.

The T-XA, standing for Terminator - eXperimental Autonomous, is a Terminator series produced by Skynet in Jade's World timeline. The T-XA is a further refinement of the T-1000 Terminator concept as it is entirely composed of mimetic polyalloy just like the T-1000, though it boasted considerably enhanced capacities. In its default form, it is an eight foot tall, humanoid male, however, while infiltrating, it is able to split this mass into several units for the purposes of camouflage.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Like the T-1000 the T-XA is composed of Mimetic polyalloy and possesses levels of strength and durability unseen in previous models. A T-XA is far stronger and faster than older models like T-799 and T-800, being even able to rip of the head of such cyborgs with ease. The T-XA has such levels of durability that it is considered almost innvincible, no conventional weapon or explosive can damage it for more than a second or two and even a barrage of fire from a plasma weapon can only paralyze it for a few seconds, a T-XA was even reported surviving continous fire from multiple plasma weapons including a heavy plasma turret of a troop transport for more than 10 minutes before being destroyed. The T-XA is able to split itself and, unlike its predecessor, function in many communicating parts. As such, it is able to impersonate groups of humans, such as families, and dogs (an effective camouflage). To search large areas in twentieth century urban environments, it is able to split itself into a large number of cats. The first T-XA brought a large plasma-gun into the past, concealed within its body. Like the T-1000 the T-XA can reshape its body to create various blunt weapons and blades, making it a lethal enemy if engaged in hand to hand combat, it has also been observed to use a kind of cat-man shape to obtain incredible levels of speed combined with razor-sharp claws.

Perhaps the most frightening ability of the T-XA is its ability to implant elements of itself within humans, performing alterations to the host's brain to ensure loyalty to its own goals. People under its control may possesses the ability to brainwash others.

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